My gratitude but screw peak auto

I just wanted to take this time and tell you guys thank you for all the voting and sharing you have done for me. The contest I entered is now over and I wait to see if I get noticed by the judges or not. It means alot that you guys would take time and help someone try to chase their dreams! Thank you again!

Update: I got screwed over. A lot of people got screwed over. The contest was advertised that the judges will take in a lot of criteria when making decisions and that you can win if you have no experience in racing. The judges ended up making their decisions based on racing experience alone. They falsely advertised their contest so they could get people to tell others about their brand name and how awesome it was they were doing this. Please never buy Peak Auto antifreeze. If they can't accurately advertise a simple contest, then how the are they advertising their actual product correctly?

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    Good luck buddy. And remember, if this fails there's always other ways to get in there.

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    they truly fucked me over

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