My chat on omegle

Stranger: don’t you just love justin’s swag??
You: hi
You: Justine Beaver?
Stranger: who is this justine you speak of!? i am only aware of justin
You: Who’s justin?
Stranger: who’s jsutine?
You: Who’s Justin?
Stranger: who’s justine?!?!?!
You: Ill tell you
You: But first
You: Who’s Justin
Stranger: the most amazing guy on this planet, his songs can turn your frown upside down, his smile can send you to heaven, and his personality, don’t even get me started
You: Ok
You: And Justine Beaver is that girl who sang a song called Baby
You: She’s a lesbian
Stranger: she probably copied it from justin bieber, there’s a lot of posers out there
You: Justin Bieber is a lie
You: It’s really Justine Beaver
Stranger: what made you hate him so much? why are you saying these things about him? what did he ever do to you?
You: Why do I hate her so much? Why am I saying those things about her? What did she ever do to me? Justine Beaver is a whoreslut
Stranger: call him a girl all you want. say how much you hate him and how he’s a lesbian blah blah blah. but he’s a real person too. what would you do if you had soo many people out there that hate you for no reason? he’s human. he has feelings, too. think about that before you bag on people you don’t even know.
You: I’ll call her a girl, because she is a girl, yea she’s a lesbian, and she’s not a real person. She’s a whoreslut that I want to FALCAWN PAWNCH
Stranger: bitch, i will crawl out this screen and falcawn pawnch yo face!
You: Go for it, Justine Beaver has anal herpies, and I falcawn pawnched her.
Stranger: it’s bitchy people like you in the world that are ruining his life
Your conversational partner has disconnected.