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About 6 years ago, on November 20, 2006, I started becoming very sick and I was getting very weak. I was always feeling like absolute shit and what I thought was wrong wasn't actually the case. For some odd reason, I would normally get strep throat every year around that time. My Dad took me to a clinic to do a throat swab, aweful stuff... the tests came back negative. My Dad was relieved and figured it was just a bug and it would pass very soon. It kept getting worse and I was starting to show some very strange symptoms. I was constantly sleeping, always hungry, always thirsty, constantly having to relieve myself, losing a lot of weight, high fever. The list goes on and on. The day before my Dad finally took me to the hospital, I woke up and went to brush my teeth and my tongue was scabbed and cracking. I was a little more than freaked out at the time. That night, my Dad checked my temperature and it was at a record high for me at just over 104º.

The next day, first thing in the morning, I was taken directly to the ER. We had a small climb uphill and my Dad had to carry me most of the way because I couldn't make it. I was already out of it. I felt like I was dreaming the whole thing. After I was layed in the bed, I quite literally lost control of my bladder and I was puking every few minutes. They weighed me in at 87 lbs. I had lost a quarter of my body weight in a week. My body was eating itself. That night, I was thrown into an ambulance and shipped to a bigger hospital and placed into the ICU. We made a 75 mile trip in almost 45 minutes.

When we got to the hospital, the first thing they did was test my blood sugar and sure enough, it was at 895. My blood was described to be like syrup. They soon established that I had Type 1 diabetes. A bit of a shocker considering, no one in my family has it. I was in ICU for three days. They moved me out because after 3 days of being groggy and half dead, I was finally sitting up straight and apparently smiling. After that, I had the privilege of getting my own room for the next 5 days. During this time I was being fed insulin through an IV which was also giving me water to keep me hydrated. They didn't let me drink anything which was horrid because my throat was constantly dry. The closest thing I got to water was ice chips. Every day I would get visits from different doctors describing different things. One for diet, one for exercise, one for insulin regiments, one to explain my meter to me. This list also goes on.

During my time in that room, I also managed to pick up a sinus infection which destroyed all the nerves to the left of my nose. You could poke me there and I would never know it. I also managed to get a massive sore on the inner portion of my top left lip which probably helped the sinus infection with my nerves. The most annoying part about all of this though is that everu day, I would have at least a dozen nose bleeds. The worst part about them was that they always came out of my left nostril and I couldn't feel it as it was dripping out. Another unfortunate side effect is that my already bad vision became worse due to the severe high blood sugar. My glasses weren't helping at all and I could never focus on something properly no matter how much I strained.

When they took me off my IV, I had to take my own first shot. I was a little nervous at first, but I weighed my options and figured, "what the hell..." and I stuck the syringe straight into my leg and took my first dose. I was released the day after and sent out on my merry way. My vision didn't begin to improve for a while after and my Dad had to draw up my shots for me, but I never let him inject me with it. I always took my own injections.

I should probably say that during my time in the hospital, my parents never left my bedside. They were there the entire week with me. Even my brother came to visit most days which was VERY surprising. My Dad has idolized me as his hero because of how I handled the sudden drastic change. It would be best described as, "Fuck it. This is who I am. This is what I have to do ...And I'm ok with it."

I can't really say it had an entirely negative outcome in the last 6 years, but it was certainly a dark time for me.

Well that's my story. Sorry for the wall of text.

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  • January 11, 2013, 8:23 pm
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    I don't get why this is suddenly coming out 6 years later?

    Read the title of the thread in the link I posted.
    - Disco January 13, 2013, 6:33 am
    Oh I see :) I was like "why is this dude writing this 6 yr later, does he want attention or sth?" but I get it now :) cool story
    - casper667 January 13, 2013, 7:31 am
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    Cool story bro.

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