My Poetry: Cold Walls (3rd one, thank you for the support guys and girls :) )

Girl, I know this might be something you aint used to
Out of the ordinary, something unusual
I know you had this all planned out
So to watch it pan out must really confuse you

Like how did a crush lead to this?
At the same time all your issues had to be fixed
Call it bad timing, I call it mad patience
No matter what the day is, be sure that I’m waiting

Cause after all the pain, well be having some fun times
Just like after the rain, nothing is brighter then the sunshine
Something’s telling me there aint no denying
No matter what the cost is, I’ll keep on trying

Even though it’s been almost a week I haven’t seen you
I still feel certain that this will continue
Love is missing you when you're apart,
But somehow feeling warm because you're close to my heart

They say we only live once, well I'm a take my chances
Pick Fate over Romance and wait for the day you answer
Pardon my manners If I don’t come out polite
I can try all that I want But I just can’t control my mind

Places that I’ve been can’t compete with where I’m at
All these faces that I’ve seen can’t come close to how you laugh
You smile with passion, you melt my heart to ashes
All the girls I've been with before were just practice

Dang Girl, You’re something else
Half Human, Half Cupid, you hide your wings in stealth
Flyer then a stewardess, an absolute angel
I guess God was showing off when he made you

Enough about her looks
Her whole personality can make me write a book
Inspired by her smile, I write to her happiness
I’ve been through hell before, so I’m sure I know what heaven is

  • DJ9090
  • December 12, 2012, 1:21 pm
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    remember i told you i wrote poetry?

    I want out of my rigid body
    come steal my soul for a dance in heavens and bring me back to a new earth where trees are blue and the sky is green
    dance and sing while our bodies are set on cold fires
    naked but it doesn't show, it doesn't matter
    happy without any smiles
    dancing on tear drops to a song of sadness and hollowness
    consumed in an era of hopelessness and transfixed to the tunes of its misery
    guilt shall tear us apart and take me back to my former body where it belongs
    back to the blue skies and green trees
    where people smile to show their happiness and where fires are hot and burn
    and I shall live amongst them with a fake smile and the memory of our song playing as I live
    what an encounter, a journey that you took my soul to
    I crave the day you steal me again and take me to that unholy place
    Where I shall dance on tear drops again and burn in frozen flames

    Amazing MissRandom :) While i cannot fully understand the whole meaning without knowing you personally, i feel like i can relate to this in my own way. Keep writing :)
    - DJ9090 December 18, 2012, 2:48 pm
    i can;t really explain this since its very personal, however, i am glad you enjoyed it :)
    - MissRandom December 19, 2012, 12:04 am
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