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Got done with my Art for Non-Art majors class a few weeks ago, figured I'd post the paintings I painted while in it :P Each one took about a week, though the last one only took about 3 days because we ran out of time XD

Black and white still-life (only allowed to mix our own black from red/blue/brown):
photo 0099 - my paintings

First color painting, a beach still-life:
wp 20130620 001 - my paintings

Copy another artist(and make it our own), for comparison I've included the original next.
wp 20130627 005 - my paintings

The original painting of the pencil sharpener that I copied in the previous slide.
sprick pencil sharpener lg

Scrapbook/Collage type painting, practicing trompe-l'oeil(painting realistic 3d objects over 2d ones, in our case shown through dramatic shadows from the 3d objects). This is probably the one I think I did the least good job on, as it was the last one we did and we ran out of time to finish it.
wp 20130708 001 - my paintings

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  • casper667
  • August 2, 2013, 4:51 am
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    These are impressive!!
    Good job man! :D

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