My Favorite Joke

SO there's this one guy named Bill and his wife Cherise. Things were great at the start, but two months later, Bill thinks Cherise is cheating on him.

One day, Bill comes home to his apartment 20 stories above the ground. He is surprised to find no one there. He heads to his bedroom. He finds two piles of clothes: One of his wife's, and another of some guy's clothes he doesn't recognize. He finds his wife naked under the covers, but no partner.

"WHERE IS HE?!" Bill bellows as he tears the room apart, hoping he could find him. But then he heard a knock on the door. He opens it to find a naked guy laying face-down in front of him, his hand stretched out to him. He was uttering a word, but before he could, Bill grabbed a mallet and smashed his hand. Then, Bill grabbed the refrigerator and threw it on the naked guy. Then he threw the naked guy down the elevator shaft.

Up in heaven, three guys are waiting to get inside. They are all dressed in robes. The guardian goes up to the first guy and says,"What is your name?

"Aaron," the first guy stammers.

"How did you die, Aaron?"

"Well, you see, I was on the 21st floor of this apartment complex. I was visiting my cousin and was just leaving. I had just had some sex with my girlfriend and left my clothes there. I took the stairs because the elevator was stuck on the 30th floor. My cousin informed me of that. Then I fell down the flight of stairs. I crawled to the nearest apartment because my legs were badly broken.The door opened. I was trying to say "help," but before I could, he smashed my hand with a mallet. The last thing I remembered was a refrigerator."

"Oh, you poor man!" the guardian cries, "Go on ahead."

As Aaron leaves, the guardian goes up to the second guy. He already knew this guy's name, Steven. He was the ray of sunshine in the cloud if you know what I mean.

"How did you die?"

"Well, I was on the first floor of this apartment complex. I was eating some pie and saw that the elevator was in matienance. Before I could turn away, I saw a man land at the bottom of the shaft. I choked on my pie from utter shock.

The guardian let's him in and goes to the third guy. After figuring out his name is Richard, he asked him how he died.

Richard begins,"Well, I was in this refrigerator..."

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    and who has sex with their partner and then leaves the appartment fully naked????

    Aaron, that's who!
    - mariofox03 December 7, 2011, 3:44 pm
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