Most fun i have had in a while... Stupid americans

First off, chill. I'm an American. so I can say this stuff.

>be me
>go to bank with a 50 dollar bill
> break it into 25 $2 bills from the teller
> go to local Mexican fast food restaurant,
> order a large meal for fiance' and self.
> total is $8.99
>pay with 5 $2.
>cashier looks at the money, then looks at us.
>cashier (probably about 18 years old) calls over a manager (probably about 19 years old)
>they have conversation about not accepting fake money
> manager says he is going to have to call the police
> officer randomly walks in the door
> manager calls officer over and explains I am paying with fake money.
> officer looks at the money, laughs and says " that's real money"
> manager and cashier very confused
> takes money, nervously and give back change
> I over hear the officer mumble " f'kin morons"

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    LOL i love it when retards call the police and they agree with the "accused"

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    Done this before. Not quite as dramatic of a response (they didn't call the police), but they did call a manager over. It was at a Wend.... I mean red-haired girl burger joint. The manager was in his 30's and couldn't stop laughing.

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    Shorter version of this story? Or did this actually happen to you?

    Not me, but a similar experience. Manager was about to call the cops when a cop randomly walked in. I decided to test out the $2 issue at a taco hell when I read a similar story, only to find myself in the same situation.
    - decrotie2004 July 5, 2013, 8:30 am
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    I'll have to try this some time haha.

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    In their defense, how often do you see $2 dollar bills? I work at Mcdonalds and the first time I ever saw one I questioned it too.

    here is the question, how old are you?
    I knew $2 bills were real since I was little. It was taught in my history class in elementary when we covered money in the united states.

    yes I agree they are not common. but they still print them in the US mints. the ones I got looked like they came fresh out the printer, no wrinkles no creases. Crisp.
    - decrotie2004 July 10, 2013, 8:12 am
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