More Poetry from yours truely: Got some new inspiration, can't ya tell?

Trust without the t, it becomes rust
Roses given over time become dust
Time has a toll and it takes over
They say loves a drug, i became sober

Trying to look at love, no expenses
Past the rose colored lenses, you could say i lost my mind
Somewhere between faith and what i left behind
Rewind my life, i wish i could unwind

But naw, my stress gets the best of me
Heartbreaks, low self esteem that’s the recipe
Cook it up and mix it, eat a pie of sorrow dough
Baked, tomorrow hold my promises of fate ( it’s too late )

They tell me it gets better, depending on the weather
If its cold let it rains, If its hot, restrain
Let it burn, burn, motherfucker burn to the ground
Smoking to get high cause im always feeling down

Im sitting on the couch thinking about doubts
Dry spell, she could tell, hexed on droughts
The sands of time are getting to me, I try to stand
I hope i won’t drown quick, the clocks filled with quicksand

I swear I gasp for air in this closed room
The windows shut, my phone wont
Ring a fucking melody, i turn that motherfucker off
Fuck them friends, fuck the love, fuck em hard, fuck em all

Id rather keep going, swimming every week
Put my head outside the water just to get a glance or peak
Of dry land, every Friday i breathe
Just to take in oxygen for one day, repeat

The same old thing, I panic i dont sing
A static i wont sting, I shock myself with the strings
Attached to the puppet made of pure white glass
See it move like you, your reflection gets crashed

If pain is love, tell me whats a dove without wings
Peace broken, try to make that bird sing
Hum motherfucker hum, try to make a melody
Red is love, but my blues get the best of me

One love, two souls, multiply whats given
If the cupid was a doctor, he tore my prescription
Gave me an arrow, straight up, shoot it ( POW )
Kill yourself, dont you want to rest in peace now

Since all your hard work was like a clam with a pearl
It shines but you gotta wait alot till it opens first
Had your thirst of true love, then you cotton mouthed
Trying to find that drink of kisses, then you took a different route

Hooking up with every girl minute, hour, every day
Some say that you’re awesome, you tell yourself you’re lame
What’s a hook up without bait? What’s a life without a mate
The questions given, the answers never get a say

I guess pain is love, after all its just a game
Sitting on the bench waiting for your chance of fame
I bled my heart to this red carpet that i walk on
I take the first step just to get stepped on.

Pain is love
Love is Pain
One puff of that drug, and you go insane
Cause If Pain is love
then your hearts inside your brain
you think you found the one, but those ones are all the same

  • DJ9090
  • February 25, 2013, 10:28 am
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