Modern Warfare 3 Info (Updated 4/11/11)

MW3 will include a hidden 25 killstreak. It is called a M.O.A.B and it is similar to the nuke of MW2 in a way that it kills all opponents, but it does not kill your own team and forces an EMP onto the enemy for the rest of the match. It can only be unlocked via gun kills (no killstreaks) and I would imagine only once per game.
You can find videos of it if you are lucky, but there is one place that I know there is a video but it can only be viewed using a link so I guess if people want that then I can supply it in the comments.

Who is actually buying this game?
As some of you may know, I am a massive fan of this game and the series as a whole. I know some of you may not give a sh*t about this game and if you don’t, I don’t understand why you have come on this post in the first place, I will be making a list of things that are new, things that have changed and things that are the same, for those of you that have not been following events that have been happening up to the launch.

To make it more… Umm… User friendly I will try to upload everything as pictures.

First of all, perks.

There are 3 tiers of perks, handily named, Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 😛

tier perks

tier perks

tier perks

death streaks

Next up is Strike Packages. There are 3 different kind, Assault, Support & Specialist. Assault is the same format as previous CoD games. Support packages are more orientated to helping the rest of your team and does not reset after you die. Specialist streaks are completely different, aimed at more advanced players, instead of giving killstreaks you can give yourself an extra perk.

Because there is not enough information to bother with an image, the Specialist Strike Packages is as follows: After 2 kills, you get your 4th perk, 4 kills you get your 5th perk, 6 kills you get your 6th perk and after 8 kills you unlock every perk possible.

assault strike packages

support strike packages

There are a few new things in the game. One of such things is the Prestige Shop, every time a player enters a new prestige they are given a Prestige Token. They are also given out for each CoD game that you have prestige on before. These can be used to unlock the following:

Extra custom class
Double XP
Double weapon XP
Regular Package
Unlock Gear
Hardened Package
Veteran Package
Reset all stats

Spec Ops modes return.

Mission Mode
Mission mode is a mode similar to Modern Warfare 2’s Spec Ops co-op mode. It will feature various missions such as timed missions or objectives, as opposed to survival mode’s wave-based gameplay.

Survival Mode
Survival Mode is a new mode featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Special Ops mode in which players must fend off waves of A.I. controlled enemies on various multiplayer maps.

The waves are randomized, yet increasingly difficult, so that in the later stages of the game, players can expect to face multiple Juggernauts, dogs strapped with C4 and enemy air support simultaneously. There is no means of winning in this game mode, as the waves will continue until the player has lost. Like other Special Ops missions, co-op is available for this mode, both online or split-screen.

That is it for now, I can add more information if people want it.