Misc Corrupted Husband

hey want to have sex nah im getting yucky with the boys tonight

caught him wanking to zyzz looked me in the eye and finished like a boss

honey you realize you shit on my chest during sex just now and not a single fuck was given thumb

break into room hes watching jailbait pics

i asked him what the meaning of life was he said reps

i asked why he is on internet forum he said for the lulz

i bought sexy lingerie he asked do i even lift

i said i saw some nude photos of my sister he said i heard the prime minister was in town

i told him his new meme was lame he said negged and threw all our sons red legos at me

i told him i wanted a divorce he said cool story bro

i told him we need counseling he told me about his tumblr girlfriend

i try to watch criminal minds he changes the channel to my little pony friendship is magic

were having sex he yells we need to go deeper

we were halfway through our wedding vows he yelled ccccombo breaker

when our house burned down we lost the wedding albums he told me pics or it didnt happen

introduced my new friend to him he replies tits or gtfo

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  • Omais
  • August 16, 2011, 12:09 pm
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