memes tweet why would i tweet i quack

memes technologically impaired duck bug MEMES Just For Teh LULZ s399x399 154187 580

memes airplane mode

memes its super effective MEMES Just For Teh LULZ s477x1147 154171 580

memes and the th day came afterwards

memes bear grylls the real pro

memes beth not even once

memes based on a true story1

memes dating site murderer hobbies and interests

memes ill hide you in my basement

memes coffee

memes paranoid parrot mission kimpossible

memes me gusta rolled

memes sad truck i asked if i could join in but they said truck off

memes philosoraptor titanic

memes success kid w i n n i n g

memes the customer is always right

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    #2 yesterday that happened to me and it actually worked

    69789 171081006259098 145311842169348 390632 5539171 n - memebase

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    when I was was in school if the new girl was hot and was in all of your classes you sat next to her and became her future boyfriend and if she was ugly you avoided her like she had aids.

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