Meme base 19

memes bird flies overhead its gonna crap

memes anyone else have this start of week rage

memes a gyro sandwich its a wrap

memes calm down mom

memes dots

memes digster

memes buscemeyes decreux

memes everyone bring in some weed killer for the bio lab tomorrow

memes ewww

memes every st grade class has a derpina

memes drugged artist

memes getting ready for date tonight1

memes hey mon

memes herp

memes forever alone

memes i like pressing other

memes if all objects reflect their own colour in light what colour is a mirror

memes homework

memes me gusta cookie i made this for a friend

memes monologuing like a boss

memes me gusta el juego

memes internet hipster

memes never again

memes need calcium eat bones

memes my name is dad

memes science

memes scumbag washer

memes see person jogging run somethings coming

memes poke war

memes still it looks pretty comfy

memes the horror

memes sup bro

memes this is my kind of friday

memes the smell of books

memes the individual who turned on the vacuum cleaner has been fired

memes untitled10 - meme base 19

memes when your boyfriend lends you his clothes

memes untitled11 - meme base 19

naughty memes hell ya

naughty memes girls are so

naughty memes doesnt even need a caption

naughty memes like a boss2

naughty memes internal clock fuck yeah

naughty memes my turn

naughty memes nuffsaid

naughty memes normal

naughty memes minutes

naughty memes untitled19

naughty memes squid

naughty memes petrov gif

naughty memes wikipedia saves all

naughty memes untitled20

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    #41 was my favorite Dr. Seuss book growing up

    It was alright, but still no better than this:

    - FireRoastedFire December 21, 2012, 4:54 am
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    #17- PERFECT mirrors dont have a color. They bounce all light back to the source. HOWEVER, since there is no such thing as perfect (on Earth at least), mirrors are slightly...EVER so sligthtly green (you will notice this when you go to a changing room in a clothing store and the mirrors are on all 3 sides bouncing each image back and fourth forever). Look at the "last" picture in either mirror, you will see it be darker than the first image. It's b/c the mirror is slightly green and as light bounces and loses energy, you can shorter wavelengths, higher energy light waves stay behind while red and orange etc... phase out. Sorry for the geek out.

    • Mizuno
    • December 21, 2012, 3:00 am
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    i like that sexy police xD i want to fuk her lol

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