Meme Lolz 1

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hurr durr derp face banguuurang

hurr durr derp face brrrrrrave herp

hurr durr derp face cerebral failurrrrrrr

hurr durr derp face cesar miderp

hurr durr derp face currrrch teh burrrrll

hurr durr derp face give murrrrr all yurrrrrrr herp urrrrrrnd no one gets derped

hurr durr derp face gurrrrrta derp em all

hurr durr derp face happy unbirthduuuhy

hurr durr derp face hurrpy burrfday hurrs yurr currpcakes

hurr durr derp face i am a shuuurk

hurr durr derp face i thhparkle in thhunlight

hurr durr derp face it seems i need a derper change

hurr durr derp face its stuck tu mah fays

hurr durr derp face iz bootehfoh

hurr durr derp face making hurrpypatties

hurr durr derp face some villains are easier to outsmart than others

hurr durr derp face terpogrophy lesson

hurr durr derp face the scrurrrrrrrm

hurr durr derp face untitled

hurr durr derp face wide eye derrrp

internet memes challenge completed

internet memes oh we should get down

internet memes scumboozle cosbizzle

internet memes success old people

internet memes this jokes wit is too sharp

internet memes youth

rage comics rage comics do you happen to have any eye bleach

superheroes batman superman clay face loves the stuff

superheroes batman superman he does what he damn well pleases

superheroes batman superman introducing the monkey gang

superheroes batman superman just cause you can do it

superheroes batman superman kim jong un

superheroes batman superman shes not pregnant

superheroes batman superman shot web in here

superheroes batman superman stable relationship unstable characters

superheroes batman superman superheroes hes a great artist

superheroes batman superman take that spidey2

superheroes batman superman through the worm hole

superheroes batman superman untitled7

superheroes batman superman untitled17

superheroes batman superman very

superheroes batman superman who knew

wtf photos videos awesome ninja exit is awesome

wtf photos videos dance time

wtf photos videos evil ernie is evil1

wtf photos videos for gayer garments

wtf photos videos hes a total couch vegetable

wtf photos videos its just not a party without one

wtf photos videos nice job

wtf photos videos possesed pumpkin

wtf photos videos swimming on the road1

wtf photos videos that name is a mouth full

wtf photos videos this is the rare mushroowl

wtf photos videos untitled

wtf photos videos yummy

yahoo answers troll cant wait for starcraft

yahoo answers troll coffee women

yahoo answers troll hand jobs better than nothin

yahoo answers troll i think the guy behind him is jealous

yahoo answers troll lets hope they arent smelling the same thing

yahoo answers troll like you have a choice

yahoo answers troll meet balls

yahoo answers troll phds don1

yahoo answers troll scumbag sabu

yahoo answers troll sorry kid i cant help you

yahoo answers troll that pun was rather cheesy

yahoo answers troll the trolling

yahoo answers troll untitled4

yahoo answers troll whos your daddy

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    #23 i actually sat there for about 3 mins waiting for it to load....
    seems legit jpg

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    one does not simply cross franchises

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    #52 run kids!! its the vegetable man!

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    whats in #30?

    • slash03
    • January 12, 2013, 4:36 pm
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