Medical Cost Jump Through The Fucking Roof

One CAT scan and a 2 hour ER visit = $10,254.
If you don't support health care reform, fuck you.

This is a quote I found of a recent hospital visit in a local Emergency Department:

"My girlfriend went to the ER for extreme stomach pain and nausea and was given anti-nausea medication and a CT scan. It turned out to be a stomach virus. She just got the bill in the mail. Fortunately she only owes 1200$ because of insurance, but imagine if she didn't. Just like the 1 and 6 Americans that don't.
She has a history of intestinal blockage, which is a very serious condition. She said the pain was exactly the same as when she had the blockage. When she had the blockage (didn't know it was a blockage at the time) she tried to wait and see if it would go away before she went to the hospital. This only made matters worse and she almost died. And she had to declare bankruptcy because of that hospital bill. So it was safest just to go to the ER this time. I realize that the pricetag may pale in comparison to many other hospital bills given in this country, and that is exactly why the system needs to be fixed."

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    • Dannyl
    • March 15, 2010, 2:52 am
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