MF03 Taste Tests: Mtn. Dew

Here are the 8 flavors I tried:
Mtn. Dew throwback
Mtn. Dew
Mtn. Dew Code Red
Mtn. Dew Voltage
Mtn. Dew Livewire
Mtn. Dew White Out
Mtn. Dew Supernova
Mtn. Dew Pitch Black
There is also Mtn. Dew Baja Blast, but those are only sold at Taco Bell.
So here are my reviews:
Throwback: It says it is made with REAL sugar, but it is actually kind of bland. The original is sweeter than the throwback. The good part is that it is different from the rest. But it isn't the good kind of different.
Original: What do you think? It original Mtn Dew. Of course it's good! Unfortunately, it doesn't have that much pizzaz if you know what I mean.
Code Red: I liked it then and I still like it now. The Cherry makes it sweet and the Mtn Dew part of it really complements the cherry. I still see no problems in this one.
Voltage: One sentence: Raspberry citrus with Ginseng really complements Mtn. Dew.
LiveWire: Orange soda has that Sour, but sweet flavor. Add that Mtn. Dew to it and it doesn't mix. That's that.
White Out: Lemon-Lime soda is really sour. Adding Mtn. Dew to it neutralizes the sour and turns it into a very smooth, but sour drink that I really like.
Supernova: Strawberry Soda has a bitter tinge to it that turns ppl off. Mtn. Dew Supernova resolves that bitter tinge, but not all of the way.
Pitch Black: Original Grape Soda is really good, but to me, it tends to miss something. Mtn. Dew seems to just fulfill that missing part in Grape Soda.
The Conclusion: Here is the order:
8th: Throwback
7th: Livewire
6th: Supernova
5th: Original
4th: White Out
3rd: Code Red
2nd: Voltage
1st: Pitch Black
More MF03 Taste Tests to come...

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  • 1

    all moutnain dew!

    - mariofox03 June 8, 2011, 11:41 am
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    Throwback is definitely the best.

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    Coke or Pepsi

  • 1

    All Mountain Dew sucks except the regular Mountain Dew. "If it's not broken, don't fix it." I hate all the new ones they come out with. But, I am also a die hard Mountain Dew boy.

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    I like pitch black because it tastes like gummy worms to me-
    I have no idea why,
    but who wouldn't want liquid gummy worms in a bottle?

    It's black grape with the Mtn. Dew. lol
    - mariofox03 June 9, 2011, 7:43 am
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