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Mac vs. Microsoft
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    Mac for sure. It is a comp that runs both the Windows and Mac OSes. There is really no argument after that. With the free download of Boot Camp, you have the best of both worlds, even though in my personal opinion, the Mac World is superior in nearly every way : P.

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    PC for desktop and mac for laptop. desktop is one that i can build myself but for a laptop mac is just a better choice for what i need it to do.

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    Definately windows for me

    I'm running most modern games at high graphics well, and for only £900. A Mac couldn't cut this. No matter how well it does other things

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    mac owns.
    before i get an argument...

    GET A MAC.
    If you want it to run windows programs...
    >Get wine or Crossover.

    If you want to play games (on the top end nVidia and ATI graphics on the baseline models)
    >Get Steam for mac.

    If you want to play WINDOWS ONLY games...
    >Get crossover games

    If you want it cheaper...
    >Buy a baseline model mac instead of a top range alienware.

    If you werent buying alienware...
    >Save up. Its faster, more stable and easier to use. You wont need upgrades for a while.
    You will thank me later.

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