Longest Post on Sharenator?

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chatroulette trolling a art get her back to the kitchen

chatroulette trolling everything goes with peanut butter

chatroulette trolling the best way to get someone to noticw you

chatroulette trolling transformers

chatroulette trolling til divorce do we part

chatroulette trolling untitled32

chatroulette trolling your friendly neighborhood

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hank azaria totally looks like rudolf steiner

gene simmons blade from puppet master

funny sports pictures lebron james ur doing it wrong

funny sports pictures vancouver riot pic

funny sports pictures is that newman

funny sports pictures homemade pressure washer

funny sports pictures boston bruins bar tab

funny graphs id say thats pretty accurate

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funny condom ad

funny car photos including your license plate

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fashion fail excuse me i moustache you for a razor

epic win photos zelda chess set win

epic win photos umbrella design win

feel like a sir

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epic win photos thank you post its win

epic win photos space core in minecraft win

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epic fail photos veggietales description fail

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epic fail photos pridoct testing fail

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epic fail photos oddly specific so thats where we keep them

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hurr durr derp face wheres the party at ladies

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job fails basic qualifications

job fails capital punishment

job fails dammit jim

job fails changeawatercooler

job fails handicapped

job fails existentialist dilemma

job fails i do like what i see

job fails its super effective

job fails instant promotion business superhero casual

job fails more like badass

job fails love triangle

job fails slippery floor

job fails portfolio

job fails only for emergencies

job fails snack time

job fails work termination win

job fails we get them all the time

job fails the workers will unite using power chords and reverb

memes about to use a common saying google it to make sure its real

job fails your software is ridiculing you

memes account might get hacked

memes anyone up for a swim

memes anti disappoint team

longbutfunny - longest post on sharenator?

memes are you sure yes yes yes

memes awkward

memes asian vader xwing

memes because we need to practice

memes a wolf reunion

memes birds y u no sleep at a m

memes better make a new account rightaway

memes better buy pepsi

memes breeze blows tall grass pokemon attack

memes blow load close tabs

memes bitten by zombie bite it back

memes business cat easter island

memes business cat competition

memes business cat attention whore

memes business cat grab newspaper

memes business cat suddenly feathers

memes business cat scented kitty litter give that man a promotion

memes business cat hold my calls1

memes business cat you lucked out

memes business cat take this job

memes can deaf people tell the difference between a yawn and a scream

memes but sir i did mark my calendar

memes courage wolf

memes commercial y u no tell me what song that was

memes cleveness here

memes courage wolf dont run from bee stay and fight

memes courage wolf oh no thank you i have a few already

memes courage wolf handicapable

memes courage wolf fall in snake pit climb out with new jacket

memes crumpets

memes create clever facebook statusnobody likes it

memes crap

memes cute girl from class says my name in hall

memes depression dog they told me to fetch but when i came back there was no one there

memes depression dog fat pants

memes do lesbians get turned on by their own boobs

memes do japanese people get american names tattooed on them

memes did the rapture not happen or did we all get left behind

memes earthquake was better be ten next time

memes earned m d at age doogie houser was

memes do something embarrassing become famous on youtube

memes electric fence says

memes expert at parkour become hunter when infected

memes every college student right now

memes equality in the purrlotariat

memes fancy and expensive degree y u no get me a job

memes fall off rainbow road still in first place

memes fail to win

memes first done on test i failed

memes fire alarm goes off put on headphones

memes finish cleaning room where am i

memes forever delicious

memes forever a pancake

memes forever a home

memes foul bachelor frog use laundry basket as footstool and floor as laundry basket

memes foul bachelorette frog peaks and valleys

memes foul bachelorette frog get home pants off world of warcraft on

memes get caught in rain counts as shower

memes friends starting to look at memebase now theyre getting all my jokes1

memes get in gang fight walk out alone

memes get hit by car no hit car with body

memes girl asked me if i knew what memebase was told her ive made the homepage before

memes get invited for a double date leave before the bill comes

memes getting ready for date tonight1

memes get one infront of girl

memes girlfriend dies change relationship status to its complicated

memes girl says shes german start talking about hitler

memes go to store didnt buy anything they think im shoplifting

memes going to college

memes glass ceiling i have a cousin who hovers there

memes high expectations asian ad

memes hear a car alarm a horde is coming

memes great expectasians

memes high expectations asian rage

memes high expectations asian dad disapointment

memes i am the king of time

memes i am in a state of high temperature which can only be remedied by the sound of a bovines bell

memes hit on cute girl at picnic remember that its a family reunion

memes if men are naturally attracted to large breasted women

memes if a vegetarian becomes a zombie do they still eat brains

memes if a building is already built then why is it called a building

memes if you ate pasta and antipasta would you still be hungry

memes if the rapture happens tomorrow what happens to those at the international space station

memes if sticky grenades stick to people how are you supposed to throw them

memes i gave that dignified lady tea

memes insanity wolf give a man a match

memes im terribly sorry i tripped you down the stairs sir

memes i heard you wanna be like batman so i killed both of your parents1

memes internet is down

memes inspirational piss

memes insanity wolf mega amplifires

memes invader zim

memes its aluminium not aluminum

memes is there a girlfriend version too

memes joseph ducreux is the word

memes joseph decreux pretty fly

memes jay z have problems

memes joseph dujackson cant take the snakes

memes laugh out loud cats not in my gulag

memes know answer dont raise hand

memes just like

memes lazy eye

memes lifes like a pencil

memes life gives you lemons throw them at the elderly

memes lenin cat1

memes lunchables pizza gourmet pizza chef

memes luke

memes may y u no end of world

memes married insanity wolf gave birth to scene wolf

memes making my girlfriend a princess girlfriends adore princesses

memes mythbusters

memes money problems

memes mess up one letter on password

memes new generation

memes never miss out on an oppurtunity

memes natalie portman for peta

memes no more honey honey comes from bs1

memes no plates bowl of sandwich

memes next ruler of the world

memes nutella y u no make me skinny

memes no wonder my guy friends think im awesome

memes nosy hobos

memes open book to page page found

memes oh you want ps how about phd

memes objection

memes other headphone y u no wanna make sound

memes osama bin laden jokes y u no original

memes parents y u light sleepers

memes paranoid parrot spellcheck

memes paranoid parrot aint telling you jack adobe

memes philosoraptor does it still not make a sound

memes parinoid parrot test taking

memes put money in beggars cup cup is full of coffee

memes pretty girl catches you staring pretend to look around room

memes police stops me he leaves with a warning

memes realize that your entire life should go on socially awkward penguin

memes rains when get on bus

memes receive donated kidney now you have

memes rebecca ducreux

memes reframe easter eggs

memes romantic date nite taco bell and redbox

memes relkbvalsdkfgblbv g lkdsfhv sorry sir it appears i sat on my keyboard

memes reframe yes we do

memes saw parents wrestling daddy was winning

memes run for your lives1

memes sex dream about friend see her the next day she knows

memes see grandpa lying on the couch

memes sandpaper oh you mean condoms

memes she has a boyfriend

memes sexting

memes sir i swear i didnt say that you must have misheard it was a very bad connection

memes sir i protest my innocence

memes sir courage wolf esq problems in piccadilly

memes socially awesome threesome

memes socially akward penguin irl

memes socially awkward bro

memes someones gonna punch your face headbut their fist

memes socially normal penguin

memes spectre extinguisher association

memes sorry im late sir

memes success baby saved by the shell

memes s seor

memes socially awkward pinguin

memes spent hours looking for ball

memes success kid have sex for money spend money on hookers

memes success kid funniest boyfriend ever

memes success kid change relationship status to single on facebook

memes success kid introduction is words long

memes success kid i am your father

memes tampon in for more than hours

memes take the scenic route through mordor

memes sworn enemy of the aristocats

memes thats why their navy sucks

memes teacher calls you to do problem in front of class

memes tasty

memes the cake is a lie

memes the ball is back in your court

memes the most interesting bear in the world

memes the meeting will start in a few minutes

memes the internet irl

memes tlducreux1

memes triple negatives y u no not not allowed

memes tornado warning

memes tornado siren stops its been destroyed1

memes try to shake girls hand brush chest instead

memes try to give homeless guy a hes not homeless hes a hipster

memes tripped infront of the girl i really like

memes untitled14 - longest post on sharenator?

memes untitled

memes unattended bag bomb

memes virus success

memes untitled29 - longest post on sharenator?

memes untitled18 - longest post on sharenator?

memes watching movie where people clap start clapping with them

memes wake up late school cancelled

memes wake up at verify if am or pm

memes week long trip shirts and pair of jeans

memes were an equal opportunity employer

memes we move to canada they say a

memes wear your courage

memes what do you get when you cross the atlantic with the titanic about half way

memes why because youre american

memes why are they called apartments when there all close together

memes whoa whoa whoa

memes y - longest post on sharenator?

memes world ending better drink my own piss one last time

memes you drop f bomb in school

memes you call it pepper spray i call it lube

memes yes sir it is crucial that i sit on your notes

memes you like heavy metal good no excuse pass chemistry

memes you have vitamin d deficiency you make me very proud

memes you found g spot better find a spot tomorrow1

memes you watch a team movie good

memes your friend called fonzie

memes youre going to need this

memes y u ask if dress make you look fat y u no ask if fat make u look fat

memes you write bitch haiku show her you have writing skills bitches love haikus

memes y u no bear

memes y u so good at advertising

memes y u ruin my childhood

memes y u no give wife

misc2 - longest post on sharenator?

misc - longest post on sharenator?

memes y u so shy

misc3 - longest post on sharenator?

my babys ultrasound totally looks like venom

mqPquad template

monat - longest post on sharenator?

photobomb that guy he saw fireworks

photobomb that guy elmo you perv

photobomb that guy backne is gross

photobomb that guy self fulfilling prophecy

photobomb that guy roofies taking effect in

photobomb that guy the guy in front wont be having fun when he feels the pee on ankles

photobomb that guy sunday bunday were expecting cold temps and a full moon tonight

photobomb that guy suckers had no idea

pyzamwanted - longest post on sharenator?

rage comics girlfriend rage

rage comics every time1

rage comics eat it i dare you

rage comics insecurity blanket

rage comics ill take care of that

rage comics shampoo i dont think so

rage comics not funny

rage comics social protocol

rage comics shes kidding right

rage comics swee cheesus

rage comics suicide bird

rage comics the hell you think i was doing

rage comics whip yo hair

rage comics wheres zelda im ready

rage comics waka waka waka

revengestamp - longest post on sharenator?

superheroes batman superman and the ladies scream hell yea

statuefun - longest post on sharenator?

shadow e1308334541975 - longest post on sharenator?

superheroes batman superman choo choo1

superheroes batman superman and then he passed out

superheroes batman superman nyanpool this makes an odd sort of sense

superheroes batman superman nothing but scribbles

superheroes batman superman id hate to see the dwarfs

superheroes batman superman spidey comes in the night

superheroes batman superman you cant eat light

superheroes online e1308590620604

superheroes batman superman the new reboot is werid

white trash repairs a fix for mold lovers

white trash repairs and you think your first car was bad

white trash repairs before there was wlan you had to be ingenious

white trash repairs drunk octopus

white trash repairs light jar

white trash repairs i see the root of your problem

white trash repairs probably the best use for a chastity belt

white trash repairs ma i fixed you some drapes

inbreeding - longest post on sharenator?

image3 - longest post on sharenator?

hurr durr derp face where did the murrfins go

hurr durr derp face sink or derp

hurr durr derp face just derped in hurrr pants

hurr durr derp face dat piece doesnurrrt fit thurr

hotdogpuppy - longest post on sharenator?

guidos bros douchebags fratboys true bromance

guidos bros douchebags fratboys true bromance

funny sports pictures rory mcilroy us open

funny sports pictures hey lebron can you do math

funny graphs64 - longest post on sharenator?

funny food photos welcome to district

funny food photos go canucks

funny dog pictures goggie shampoo ad fail

epic win photos theres waldo win

freaks cliques e1308335975630

epic win photos zombie preparedness win

epic win photos school marquee win

epic win photos music in the rain win

epic win photos meme reference win1

epic win photos last photo win

epic win photos happy coffee win

epic win photos glass shell win

epic win photos clever shirt win

epic win photos another shopping bag ad win

epic fail photos simple spelling fail

epic fail photos probably bad news things are heating up in the north

epic fail photos flood protection fail

epic fail photos curiosity fail

epic fail photos autocomplete me why isnt

demotivational posters x men

demotivational posters that penguin

demotivational posters sex sells

demotivational posters jet pack

demotivational posters beans beans

courage - longest post on sharenator?

collegehumor 23b94edec8d8bbeb3357d05b993153b9 - longest post on sharenator?

chatroulette trolling untitled31

chatroulette trolling no from psyduck

catwoman e1308335280291 - longest post on sharenator?

bca2bc4d 03c6 49f5 8ea6 337ea29b6bff1

1162054082269 - longest post on sharenator?

9852861 - longest post on sharenator?

124179 - longest post on sharenator?

7604 4983 thumb - longest post on sharenator?

7575 4951 thumb - longest post on sharenator?

7440 4755 thumb - longest post on sharenator?

7327 4622 thumb - longest post on sharenator?

7228 4525 thumb - longest post on sharenator?

1537 - longest post on sharenator?

1476 - longest post on sharenator?

1400 - longest post on sharenator?

1347 - longest post on sharenator?

07 2069814324 - longest post on sharenator?

3db022 2254798 - longest post on sharenator?

job fails ill never let go

job fails ewww blind people germs

job fails because faucet handles are expensive

job fails micromanaging

koma comic strip as long as that doesnt take out the flavor

job fails vending machine guy

job fails safety warning by bear grylls

memes are you sure you want to delete

memes and all other political prisoners

memes breakup with gf a wild pubic forest appears

memes better tweet my own piss

memes bathroom scary

memes business cat lets hope for menopaws

memes business cat competitors

memes courage wolf advice dog

memes cant tell if horny or just need to pee

memes business cat yes sir

memes crossing a one way street look both ways

memes courage wolf jump off building show pavement whos boss

memes drop item pick up with feet

memes discard as if were scalding

memes demotivational re demotivational

memes end of the world take everyone down with you

memes f bomb

memes extremely awkward

memes friday the th boss sent me home

memes foul bachelorette frog drop popcorn down bra fish it out and eat it pretend it never happened

memes for employees in their th life or greater

memes get paper cut during exam use blood to write answers

memes get home take off bra before clothes

memes her hi im katrina me oh like the hurricane

memes got girlfriend pregnant

memes girl laughs near you check zipper just in case

memes if someone tells me to not tell a soul can i tell a ginger

memes i drive on the left

memes high expectations qwopper

memes insanity potter

memes if you repost a meme does it get funnier

memes i tried to pay attention sir your laser pointer was very distracting

memes instant success just add water

memes legs fall asleep play qwop irl

memes kim yoo suk

memes joseph ducourage

memes long lost brother

memes neighbors house on fire break out the marshmallows

memes mochila mochila

memes man vs sesame

memes no cars coming sprint across anyway

memes osamas dead celebritory fap

memes oh hell no

memes not sure if want

memes put on lip balm forget and kiss cat

memes playstationnetwork y u no work

memes parents arent home they were raptured

memes run into burning building naked tan successful

memes religion is the catnip for the masses

memes rebrains

memes sidewalk skins knee skin the sidewalk

memes send it to your friend

memes socially awkward penguin no escape

memes smoke packs a day cigarettes get cancer

memes success kid draw funny picture on a test score bonus marks

memes spit on insanity wolf lick it off

memes son i am courage

memes success kid i love you dominique

memes that song i love from childhood y i no remember artist or title

memes talking to client on the phone

memes trap hipster in car play justin beiber

memes try to rick roll someone

memes the one o clocks been postponed

memes the individual who turned on the vacuum cleaner has been fired

memes untitled32 - longest post on sharenator?

memes untitled10 - longest post on sharenator?

memes what would a blind person experience

memes we made a lot of profit its over nyan thousand

memes wanna burn calories set a fat kid on fire

memes you have beads should have ai oh wait

memes you bisexual i am disappoint you need be asexual

memes why doesnt tarzan have a beard

memes y u no wii

memes y u - longest post on sharenator?

memes youre not alone

pe18 - longest post on sharenator?

menandwomen - longest post on sharenator?

rage comics condoms

photobomb that guy sunday bunday check out my kickflip

photobomb that guy like father like daughter

rage comics perks of being a leftie

rage comics how to hold your umbrella

rapistpyzam - longest post on sharenator?

rage comics the sad reality were all faced with

rage comics stupid baby

superheroes batman superman for sure

stoned - longest post on sharenator?

this model totally looks like mom1

superheroes batman superman this somehow makes wait is that ronald mcdonald and santa wtf

superheroes batman superman sinestros creed

white trash repairs kassette kludge guess you gotta do something with them

white trash repairs another used for overpriced bricks

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  • 13

    Too long, didn't view.

    - Upsidedownie June 21, 2011, 7:53 am
    Indeed, I said to SuDoku that I would.. But...
    - DarkHunter June 21, 2011, 7:57 am
    i just shot the place up... twas more fun that way
    - MIKYTEY June 21, 2011, 8:19 am
    I had plenty of time, i was on and off of this page and i loved most of them :D
    - StudTastic June 21, 2011, 2:21 pm
    hell no your crazy man. this would take me all night. I have a life... and by life i mean xbox live.
    - devilduck June 23, 2011, 2:00 pm
  • 5

    Challenge accepted RE Red pancake s400x300 128675 580

    bitch, i was gonna post that :P
    - Bekenel June 22, 2011, 4:55 am
  • 4

    suicide booth suicide booth futurama fry demotivational poster 1221251934

  • 3

    Holy mother of pearl...

    I'm gonna comment before I view otherwise I'll be here all day...

    • SuDoku
    • June 21, 2011, 5:32 am
    You're going to be all day anyway. 628 picutes, and as it's XNickolas1111 I assume either none of them will be good or he would of wrote his own name over the original autors.
    - DarkHunter June 21, 2011, 5:34 am
    You know what. I'm not even gonna rise and give you a reaction for that... He's taken the time and effort to upload 628 pictures, give him some fecking credit.
    - SuDoku June 21, 2011, 5:37 am
    - DarkHunter June 21, 2011, 5:38 am
    thanks sudoku :)
    - XNickolas1111 June 21, 2011, 5:44 am
  • 2

    I just read the lot... great collaboration XD

  • 2

    OMG number 314 is hilarious!
    we can all relate to that.

    LOL the exact middle of the post LOL
    have to click the most ammount of buttons backward and forward
    - Alastair June 21, 2011, 4:32 pm
    - buddyfoeva June 21, 2011, 5:53 pm
    LOL buddy and your picture of NPH you are so cunning, But i made you go all the way to the page didn't I...

    - StudTastic June 21, 2011, 6:01 pm
    nah my computer did it for me
    - buddyfoeva June 21, 2011, 10:17 pm
    Fair enough,
    - StudTastic June 22, 2011, 11:48 am
  • 1

    hey, that's my bro in #138 heehhe ;)

  • 1

    untitled 2 - longest post on sharenator?

    Trollin lol
    - bufus101 June 21, 2011, 6:32 am
    *Presses previous 9 times* Trololol.
    - DarkHunter June 21, 2011, 7:58 am
  • 1

    I think there was a post that was over 2000

    • 6DIG6
    • June 21, 2011, 3:55 pm
    I know a post that's over 9000
    - Jozzoh June 21, 2011, 11:41 pm
  • 1


  • 1

    #178 Did NO ONE notice his name is WANG KANG???
    That is fucking AWESOME.

  • 1

    So did anybody else notice the resemblance between the dog on slide #4 and William H. Macy?

  • 1

    I'v got to hand it to you, this is the longest post i have seen by far. The closet to yours was 212. Good job sir.

  • 1

    I would never be bothered to do this! The "Add all to post" button doesn't work so I would have to add them all individually which would take hours!

    • TryThat
    • November 7, 2011, 12:42 am
  • 1

    #261 is hilarious! Almost half way now!
    #477 & #478 are the same!
    I have just finished reading and looking at all of them, I posted my first comment when I just started. Lets see how long it took!

    • TryThat
    • November 7, 2011, 2:20 am
  • 1

    Ok, then. I have under 10 minutes to look at all of your posts...
    challenge accepted Amazing Feats Fails WIns Lolz and A Contest s325x265 158648 535

    okayguy - longest post on sharenator?

  • 1


    lol dave grohl meme generator omg ew 3fb083

  • 1

    I can't believe i just saw the whole post, was it worth it, probably not
    ah well, have 3 points anyway

  • 1


  • 1

    i tried to upload 1,535 but the site wouldn't let me for some reason.. it kind of just crapped out.

  • 1

    longest hour of my life.

  • 1

    No longer the longest ;)

  • 0

    Not going to view, because after 100 or so, I might comment something and then have to start all over.

    You should keep your collections under 50 for people who don't have 30 minutes in one sitting.

    • Albane
    • June 21, 2011, 8:01 am
    Well then, if you don't have more than 30 minutes, why don't you try, oh I don't know, maybe looking at another post? Obviously this post wasn't made to fit your perfect specifications, but I personally had a fun time looking through all of these. You should not be correcting this, you should be admiring that he cares enough to make a post with over 600 hilarious pictures for us to look at. Why don't you go take your negativity somewhere else with "under 50 pictures."
    - StudTastic June 21, 2011, 2:19 pm
    Haha, Thanks dude :D
    - XNickolas1111 June 21, 2011, 2:57 pm
    - Bike June 21, 2011, 3:14 pm
    yeah man no problem, great post :D
    - StudTastic June 21, 2011, 4:29 pm
    - Bike June 21, 2011, 5:46 pm
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