Lil’ help for a friend. Your help very much appreciated!!!!

So a friend of mine is trying to win tickets to the Las Vegas drag strip. The only issue is she needs a lot of votes to win. I have come to ask a favor from the sharenator family. I ask that you guys would please go to and vote for the picture of 4 ladies surrounding a mello yellow logo. It would be very much appreciated!!! Voting ends April 16th.

Oh and you can vote more than once every day!

Update: You guys have her up to second! Keep voting. What a comeback if she can win!!!!!!

Update #2: You guys are doing awesome. The voting goes back and forth a whole hell of a lot, so a big lead truly means nothing. She did lead for a while, but is now back in second and down by 2,000. Ya’ll keep it up tho!

Update #3: I tell ya, the voting just goes back and forth so much. Earlier today the gap was down to 500, and now it’s back up to almost 4,000. Keep it up! you guys are awesome!!

Update #4: I can’t begin to tell you guys how thankful I am for your help. Unfortunately the gap is now about 5,000 but there is still plenty of time left!!

Update #5: They fixed the voting so that it is once per day per IP address. So now my friend has the lead by 100. It made a huge difference. Please keep it up, you guys are why we are anywhere close to the lead, much less winning!!!

Update #6: She keeps clawing back towards the lead! Keep voting you guys! It is very much appreciated!!!!

Update #7: Only 17 days left to vote. Please continue to vote everyday! She’s getting closer to the lead!

Update #8: 13 days of voting left! Voting ends April 16th at midnight! She has really gained a lot of momentum and I thank you guys for helping her! She is almost the leader and could possible be in the lead today!