Let's be hackers!

Let's say you wanna be a hacker. But you lack all skills to be one because you are a noob. Well just go onto this site, and fool your friends(if you have any), or anyone around!

First, make sure your around people. Then go onto this website: http://hackertyper.net/ then just type random letters and it will seem as if you are hacking!

For added effect, listen to this while you are "hacking" :

Have fun!
trollface - let's be hackers!

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    Nice "and fool your friends(if you have any)" made me laugh. I'm not really a good hacker but i've hacked some people and the lulz ensued. This is going in my favorites

    Haha, thanks. :)
    - Gabsterr16 April 26, 2011, 4:50 pm
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    And I just Favorited this...

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