LTHS Lockdown

For all who apparently care what I have to say, here goes:
I went to school today, Friday, Dec. 9, expecting to get in normal trouble about my homework. 1st period went regularly, and pretty much sucked. I then went to 2nd at 10:20am, where class started. 10 minutes in, our principal came over the P.A. out of breath, panicked, almost screaming, "Call (female basketball coach)!

Teachers, we are now under lockdown. Please grab any students in the hall, lock your doors, and turn off all lights in your room!" At this, I thought, alright, no big deal. We're having a helluva drill. At this point, lights are off, doors locked, etc. and aside from the a/c vent, you could hear a pin drop. That's when I heard my English teacher mutter something to the effect of "I have no idea what this is," so then I got a bit nervous. About 15 minutes later, an eternity to me, one of the girls from the hallway in our room whispers, "(Teacher), come here!" A few seconds later, he told us that there was a gunman in the science hall, almost directly above our heads. Then, we all piled into the non-visible wall of the classroom where I already was, now squished by excessively nervous girls. I decided to tell my sister about what was going on, but no service. Meh. Another 20 minutes passes, and the principal now comes on over the classroom phones, on speaker. "Teachers, we are still in lockdown (no shit).

Our officers and SWAT are searching both campuses. Please tell your students to quit texting rumors." Therefore, all I've heard about shots fired, gunmen right upstairs, and classmates shot, is complete BS. Another hour, then comes the search party. Everyone in the room about pissed themselves upon seeing the AR-15 in Mr. SWAT's hands. The SWAT guy asked, "Is there anyone in here besides students?" while checking the closet. Another half hour. We finally get let out of lockdown to the lunch we've been waiting for the past 1hr+. Now, remember how long we've been penned up in dark classrooms full of people. They split about 3,000 of us into only 2 lunches, instead of 3. I get my food, sit down, and start eating.

A minute later, I look over and see food in the air. Whatever, good and normal, happens all the time, just a joke. Instead, there's 1,500 people throwing any tray, pizza, or bottle they could find, so I got my ass under the table, knowing there may be full glass bottles coming my way. Once the cops finally break it up on suspicion of planned confusion to let the alleged gunman in, we all left for the final 45 minutes of school. Even if you read this, it's only my interpretation.

18095 540 - lths lockdown

Above all, I was bored as hell.

Now, after you read that, hear this. It was a hispanic custodian mentioned, most likely not the one that speaks english. Our middle and high school also share a campus. Anyway, even if she knew what she saw, maybe it was lost in communication and the lockdown was precautionary. However, it could very easily have been a damn camera tripod or airsoft pistol. They split like a banana upon seeing each other, and she was panicked, so the entire lockdown was based on allegations or a frazzled hispanic middle school custodian. Thoughts?

Pic related, front door of LTHS. My class was in the wing to the right.

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    Interesting. We too had a lockdown today. Only, ours was a medical lockdown due to a special needs kid having a severe medical problem. They just called one to clear the halls for medical personnel (but they didn't tell this to us until after, leaving our imaginations up to what was going down.) Sadly though, the kid later died at the hospital.

    As for yours, honestly, better safe than sorry. I would rather spend half the day huddled in a dark corner than shot up.

    Agreed, this is where I'm glad my town is dramatic. Sorry to hear about the kid and being kept in the dark there. I can honestly say I know what you were thinking, and it's not fun.
    - iGreenDay December 9, 2011, 7:41 pm
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    I'm guessing schools are just a bit on edge, since the VT incident earlier this week, so they daren't take any risks and had to take all safety measures.

    • jokin
    • December 9, 2011, 7:51 pm
    Yeah I kinda thought of that too, along with Columbine. A few girls about screamed when one of the guys mentioned both. And they say guys should express emotions...
    - iGreenDay December 9, 2011, 7:53 pm
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    Funniest part of this is that I don't feel like it actually happened. It feels like a shitty movie.

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