Just An Idea ?

images - just an idea ?

You may of noticed in some of my posts that i have added a Title/Banner

For example for my LMAO Pictures Post i added this Title/Banner :

title - just an idea ?

I Believe it adds a professional look and also a more creative look
It would be Amazing if you made and added you own Title/Banner to your posts
I think this could be a new big thing for sharenator

Here is the Blank Template :

Blank Title

Remember this is just an idea
You feedback would be nice

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    Ok, good idea, I think I'll use that in my next post.

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    Added to Favourites and noted.
    As I'm getting on a bit now, I'll try to remember to use it.

    • Math
    • August 17, 2010, 5:47 am
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