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    MC Drakel5 in the comments!
    I spit out lyrics faster than a comet.
    Anyone step up to me,
    Yo they gonna bomb it.
    Your weak-ass lyrics make me wanna vomit.
    Go ahead, let's see who thinks they can be more iconic:

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    Ey, FireMCFire sayin challenge accepted
    Prepare to mitigate cause your getin rejected
    So you think your lyrics are fly,
    The falsity of your words is detected.
    This string of epic lines, in the comments injected
    Make your rhyme sound infected.

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    Yo it's MC Confusing back in this bitch
    With a parking sandwich and chicken ticket
    I got a liquid face lift from a a fig with big tits
    And my wrist got twisted by a brit with fig spit
    And you don't understand it 'cause your not supposed to
    Like a candy cane snake in a jealous cartoon
    And I'm gonna leave soon but first I need to
    Drink a Chevy Chase face and rape Robo-Cop 2

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    Nice there u three +1 for all of u

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    They are hot

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