It's not what it looks like.

(TL;DR? oh well) So while driving back to California after Halloween I got pulled over because the officer thought my headlight was out. So while asking for my license and all that fun sort of stuff he asks why I'm so jittery and hyper. I told him truth, but he insisted he search my vehicle for drugs. Now I knew there was nothing but not wanting to piss off a California cop again (that's a story for another post) I let him do what he wants to do.
So while he's searching I inform him I have a fire arm in the car, and show him all the paperwork for that, he calls for back up so another cop shows up. This is when I get to explain what is going on again, I am driving home with my girlfriend from Idaho (It's a 14 hour drive) and that I am running on caffeine, he says that they just want to search the vehicle to be sure.
At this point I have been sitting around for about 45 minutes when all of a sudden one of the officers walks up holding a bag of white powder that looked about a kilo. I'm looking at it wondering what the hell it is, and of course they think it's cocaine. So they sit me down of the hood of one of the cruisers (not yet in hand cuffs) and test it. Turns out my GF's mom gave her a bag of natural fine ground sea salt.
We all had a good laugh, they apologized for the inconvenience and told me to drive safe. It was very anti-climactic so for the sake of comedy they stole my ID and deported me to Canada and am posting this from Vancouver. This was the bag of salt that started caused it.
not what I thought it was

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    lollll you crazy cat!

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    xD i could see how they mistook it for cocaine lol

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