Infinite Picdump 179

you just have to believe - infinite picdump 179

Anastasia Shpagina the human anime girl with Valeria Lukyanova the human Barbie

clever - infinite picdump 179

Fall is disappointing

Floor made of leather belts

German village life

Goddamn Cats

if you say so - infinite picdump 179

My 8yr old sister as Edward Scissor Hands

MY own Durex commercial Fixed

Purple Crowned Fairy Wrens

Thousand Islands Lake China 1338x768

Todays eclipse as seen from Djibouti Africa

We have each other

Welcome to the real world

Well that explains it

Whats the highest kill streak you have ever gotten

When you forget your pet outside during winter

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    #4 Genius.
    #23 Double Genius.
    #34 Triple Genius
    #37 Quadronipple Genius

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    #2 is horrifying
    #46 on the other hand is why I carry singles

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