Infinite Picdump 164/∞

3D screw portrait

1922 the swimsuit police checking the length of a suit colorized by me

A girl can dream cant she

A mere cat

Ahh the Krusty Krab

Alcohol solves problems

As a man who went shopping for sunglasses today

At an East London pub from Mark McQueens twitter feed

Bailey gets caught in an awkward situation

Baltimore is known for its broadcasting excellence

Bathroom wall poetry at my local bar

Being a baby must be very confusing

Best tailgate wrap EVER

boop - infinite picdump 164/∞

charge - infinite picdump 164/∞

Conan telling it like it is

Darn cats

Found this on tumblr lmao

Further proof that Aubrey Plaza is awesome

Hashtags nowadays

I know that feel bro

I suppose Ill have to go elsewhere for dog food

Like father like son

Mind Blown

New York and Boston The Difference

No coolers allowed at NFL training camp No problem

Parents of a 13 year old boy problems

People are sick

Puzzle Success

quality forum troll

The evolution of Dwayne Johnson

The truth about pay phones

This could be my dog

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    #26, this is now my favorite gif in all of the internet.

    I actually imagined that with the whooshing sound of aircraft... too much MW3 recently me thinks :L
    - SkinnyBill November 10, 2013, 10:38 am
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    #7.... What a stupid t-shirt. Alcohol isn't a solution.

    Yes it is.
    - Inedibleedible November 7, 2013, 2:27 pm
    No it's not, check mine and @decrotie2004 's discussion below (or maybe above, who knows)
    - SkinnyBill November 10, 2013, 10:38 am
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    #29 yes because fuck you

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    *sigh*...#20 will cause so many lost iPhones. i wonder who comes up with this shit...also thats now how microwaves work xD there is no simulation of ions in a microwave. it polarizes water molecules in a substance causing them to rotate back and fourth more than a billion times a second...creating heat, which is what actually warms your food.

    • Mizuno
    • August 12, 2013, 2:04 am
    Natural selection. Those stupid enough to try it will be eradicated slowly from the gene pool.
    - Jackylegs August 12, 2013, 5:52 am
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    #32 did anybody else read that in his voice.

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    #7 Not to get technical, but it isn't.

    Alcohol is an organic chemical in its pure form which is a compound.
    Alcohol as a beverage is called alcohol because it is a mixture of chemicals the main being ethanol (CH3CH2OH) which is an alcohol. Alcohol as a beverage is a solution made up of mostly ethanol and water. Under normal purification products labeled ethanol will always be solutions of ethanol and water because the most concentrated you can achieve using normal distillation techniques is 95% ethanol.


    Alcohols are a group of compounds in which a hydroxyl group is attached to an aliphatic chain. Alcohol in usual term refers to ethanol, which is usually used in alcoholic beverages.
    alcohol is a mixture

    So it is and it isn't...
    - decrotie2004 November 7, 2013, 3:05 pm
    Yeah, i guess.
    If it's "alcohol" as in "a family of beverages containing ethanol, derived from the fermentation of sugars by yeast, sometimes with distillation", then it kinda is, because it's mixed in with the water. However, i'm not sure if this is a "mixture" or "suspension", or the ethanol is actually dissolved in the water (which would make it a solution)

    If you were to have pure ethanol, then no, it is not a solution.

    Either way, I was under the impression that even pure ethanol is liquid at room temperature, so does it count as being "dissolved" if it's already a liquid?
    - SkinnyBill November 10, 2013, 10:37 am
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