Infinite Picdump 149/∞

A beautiful encounter

And that ladies and gentlemen is how to cut your hair in the 21st Century

Animal cruelty is so wrong Except when its right

Apple vs brAun

Aziz Ansari on MTV xpost from rstandupshots

Boomerang Problems

Cooking Level Bachelor

Every time its sexy time

for me - infinite picdump 149/∞

Forever alone Not with this shit you wont be

Fuck roommates

Fully transparent rain forest frog

Good guy douche bag and the unlucky

How a Paralympic swimmer lines up at the edge of the pool for the backstroke when they dont have any arms to hold onto the starting platform

I knew there was a difference

It was supposed to be a secret

Lil bunny doing some muchneeded shopping

Microwave Not what you might think

My dad thinks the Mars Curiosity landing didnt really happen because he saw this picture

My Guineasaurus Rex

One hour before they took the Olympic Rings down Tower Bridge was closed for traffic so I had it all to myself and shot this panorama oc

Prince Harry double LAD

Saw this at a Mclendons hardware store

Size doesnt matter

Solvay conference 1927 now in color

Sounds about right

Usain Bolt faster than a TRex

Wars may be started

Why I love this show

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    haha, busted out laughing at #18

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    #18 is hilarius

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    #42 Fuck

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    where have i seen these pictures before...

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    #42 I'd rather shoot both my feet off then choose.

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    done to me whilst at college in the 70 s..came back after late drunken night!!!swines!!!

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