Infinite Picdump 138/∞

3rd World Skeptical Child on pot

As a vegetarian I wouldnt know how to respond

Balotelli as a dragon

Balotelli burning a pig

Balotelli dragonball

Colorado Springs CO is on fire 65mph winds blew it into the city today Looked like Armageddon

Finally a practical use for Algebra

Fus Roh Miaaaau

Joey Tribbianis logic Makes sense to me

Lessons I learned from the quotTwilightquot series Lessons I learned from the quotBuffyquot saga

Makes me giggle every time

Mario Balotelli in his many forms

My attempt at babysitting

My beagle posing with its kill

My logic when taking a final exam

Skeptical about life expectancy

The first time I cheated on a test

What happened last night

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