Infinite Picdump 114/∞

1 Great Customer Service

A conversation I had with my father about marriage

A little Republican humor for once Karma suicide

aboarable - infinite picdump 114/∞

Almost every fucking day

Awesome traffic light concept

Batman The Weekend

Best facebook cover photo Ive ever seen

catrar - infinite picdump 114/∞

Childhood Trips to the Bathroom

Coloring in a map of Europe Why not Zoidberg

Comic from my Universitys newspaper I go to a Catholic institution

cooking level college student

Creative charity

Damn Hipsters

Date night

Domesticated Fox Found on a Canadian friends facebook

Every time I install a new computer game

Everytime I go shopping with the wife


Female werewolves

First thing I would do with a Portal gun Fixed

Forever Available

Found a very informative book today The 1960s sure were a simpler time

Good guy James Cameron

Good Question

How to draw on the drunk with style

I am your father xpost rstarwars

I caught the fly

I knew they were after me

I present to you the Batman fade

I sense some mild confusion

I think Im going to have to breakup with facebook

I was a good kid

Id be pretty damn afraid at the vets too

igor - infinite picdump 114/∞

is this how it works - infinite picdump 114/∞

It finally hit me why Im single this morning

Its a bird its a plane

its a problem2e - infinite picdump 114/∞

yeahpretty much - infinite picdump 114/∞

Yep were screwed

You cant spell quotAmusementquot without


Jessa Younker has many talents and this is one of them

License and registration Mr Bat Man

Meanwhile in sweden

mindblown - infinite picdump 114/∞

My cousins dog is a Jenga master

Mother Nature does it again2E

Needless to say I always need a nap the next day

No one will ever find it

patience - infinite picdump 114/∞

perfect timing FIXED

perfect - infinite picdump 114/∞

physics glorious

Pope Palpatine

Rejecting your Ex like a Boss

Scumbag Seat Belt Laws2E

Sideshow Fern

So the Pope is visiting my Country Mexico and i saw this on my FB

stunning - infinite picdump 114/∞

This must be why i am single

This popped up on my news feed yesterday

Vermont is Enchanting

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    #3 i'm sorry but analogy is very weak, the system does not work like that

    How is it not a perfect representation?
    - Jackylegs March 29, 2012, 2:04 am
    not at first but it dose end up that way
    - gw2250 March 29, 2012, 3:40 am
    Have you ever been on food stamps/assistance before? That's pretty much exactly how it works...
    - casper667 March 29, 2012, 3:47 am
    because this does not take into account the massive class of workers who work for a large business such as suggested by this, only to find their wage cut or job lost because the company has overproduced and led to a trade recession, i.e. the people at the bottom of business who actually do the physical work for the company and actually bring the profits in.
    Besides, analogy is intrinsically weak, as David Hume argued, analogy is limited due to the fundamental differences of the two things being compared.
    In other words, yes, the people at the top may have worked hard, but this analogy is weak due to the fact that the people at the bottom are not in a majority of being lazy and not putting in any work - this is an extremely victorian and frankly quite ignorant way of looking at low incomes since it is not due to their own laziness - basically, the people at the top who complain about higher tax rates for higher public spending could not give less of a damn about the workers at the bottom, as long as they profit. It's selfish, unfair, greedy and plutocratic, and frankly, Obama's policy of higher tax rates at higher incomes to improve living standards at the bottom of the income chain is disliked simply because people give more of a damn about the massive pile of money they have coming in, of which the amount actually being taxed, is frankly not needed anyway by large corporations and rich businessmen, than people who are actually doing work at the bottom. I fail to see exactly how this system can be analogised with lego. Businesses are very quick to complain about their high incomes are taxed highly but very slow to concede that their labourers are the ones getting the shit end of the stick when the recession inevitably sets in.
    That's why it's not a perfect representation.
    - Bekenel March 29, 2012, 11:26 am
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    #1 wtf damn that's some very honest people +3 for that lol

    • Kodi93
    • March 28, 2012, 11:36 am
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    #66 i love the old MTG land cards that explain what the lands do

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    #66 oh my lanta yes!

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    #53..yup your going to need that when you start reading.

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