In Honour of Great Leader Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong-il likes looking at things

Checkin out the ladies
tumblr lu3ryxqx7Z1qewv1lo1 500

Inspecting the Death Ray
tumblr lub6i8psl41qewv1lo1 500 - in honour of great leader kim jong-il

Bitches love his Unobtanium
tumblr lucv68d7jo1qewv1lo1 500 - in honour of great leader kim jong-il

Oh herrooo....
tumblr luo6zyghyD1qewv1lo1 500

North Korean orange fish demonstrating superiority over capitalist fish
tumblr luq2g9WBVI1qewv1lo1 500

North Korea- soon to be home of worlds longest foosball table, BUT ONLY KIM CAN PLAY
tumblr lv2y3iuaFx1qewv1lo1 500

They see him rollin’
tumblr lv4qwxwrAy1qewv1lo1 500

Admiring the buffet before the gang band
tumblr lv6jykgorS1qewv1lo1 500

tumblr lv12pigw2p1qewv1lo1 500 - in honour of great leader kim jong-il

Mmmm... Assorted meats make Kim happy....
tumblr lvdxjr2vPS1qewv1lo1 500

Chrome tractor motors, ALL HAIL GREAT LEADER
tumblr lvhistKkKJ1qewv1lo1 500

North Korea make superior fabric softener
tumblr lvjjn7dE0p1qewv1lo1 500

Showing Western Pigs cool toys, BUT KIM GETS FIRST GO AT PLAYING
tumblr lvr40pcu921qewv1lo1 500 - in honour of great leader kim jong-il

Assorted jars and bottles... don’t make kim as happy as assorted meats
tumblr lvulg4AG6c1qewv1lo1 500

What the mother-flip is this?
tumblr lvwhpgp6411qewv1lo1 500 - in honour of great leader kim jong-il

Rice makes kim jong-il sad
tumblr lw3uabFuyx1qewv1lo1 500

Computers with no internet make kim jon-il happy
tumblr lw5sfbtEdk1qewv1lo1 500

Kim telling funny jokes about trees, bitches love funny jokes about trees
tumblr lw7jfy0F9l1qewv1lo1 500

Pamphlet making factories, the backbone of N. Korean economy
tumblr lw9g0vdUKB1qewv1lo1 500

Love is in the Air
tumblr lwb73vri0f1qewv1lo1 500 - in honour of great leader kim jong-il

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  • 14

    North Koreans to commemorate Kim Jong Il's death with a hunger strike. It began about 50 years ago.

    • Jozzoh
    • December 19, 2011, 2:08 am
  • 2

    i usually find out about some global news via this site, then i go check on a news site to see if it's real lol

  • 1

    +3 for description alone.

  • 1

    is he actually dead?
    when did it happen?

    • qwop
    • December 19, 2011, 1:30 pm
    Apparently on 17 Dec due to a heart attack.
    - Omen December 19, 2011, 1:47 pm
  • 1

    Isn't this how the game Homefront started?

    It was a training system!
    - triclebickle December 20, 2011, 2:13 pm
  • 0

    Kim Jong-il can't be dead, IMPROSIBRU!!!

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