Im back!

I know, it's been a while. It's sort of my dad's fault. He got drunk a few weeks before school started and just about oblitterated my laptop. If any of you have noticed, I've been on recently on the school computers. I'm just suprised that they haven't blocked it yet, but whatever. Happy day late Halloween. To make this post a little more interesting:
1) What was your favorite part about Halloween this year?
My favorite part was carving this beauty:
halloween jagged teeth jack o lantern

That and watching practically the best MNF game ever!
kcsd - im back!

2) What is your favorite candy?
Mine is a deadlock tie between Twix and Milky Way
images2 - im back!

images3 - im back!

3) Who did you dress up as?
I like scaring people so...
images4 - im back!

Just letting you know I'm making a comeback baby!!!

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    idgafnigga - im back!

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    Milky way can't even touch the grandeur that is the sexiness of the fantastic Twix bar.
    Also, milky way totally sucks.
    come2bat2bme2bbro2b 2bi2527ll2bturtle2bslap2bthe2bshit2bout2bof2byou - im back!

    Ya,I kinda have to agree with ya there.
    - mariofox03 November 1, 2011, 4:49 pm
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