Friends... I have a terrible temperature, a deadly disease, an awful affliction, a bloody BLIGHT! I have poison ivy... Now this is no normal strain of PI, it's not just a simple rash on my arm. It. Is. Everywhere. Yes, everywhere. I had to get a shot for it even! But that was the least of my problems. It is in its final stages, where it will "go away". I thought the first rashes were the worst of it... oh was I wrong.


For those of you unfamiliar with what happens in the final stage of PI allow me to elaborate: Bodily fluids ooze out of the rashes. Naturally this wouldn't be a problem... except the rashes are all over my body. This my friends is the worst part of PI you might think the unbearable itching of the first stages are the worst, but you have yet to experience a full body rash. Imagine sleeping in your soft warm bed, but them all of a sudden your whole body feels a little wet. You turn, and it feels SLIMY! You touch your arm to see whats wrong and you have irritated your rash! You now must itch it! Now your other rashes now remember they itch! You calm down for a second and the itching passes. You lay back down in your bed, and your while body feels wet...

This my friends is the hell I have been living tonight. I can't sleep, I can hardly move, and lets just say going to the latrine isn't a cake walk. However, though under this difficult trail beset before me, I have learned something. Always wash your hands after going through unidentifiable plants.
Want to know the irony of this story? I went to Church Camp a week ago, afraid that I might get PI HA! I didn't. I rejoined and thanked God for it, but something happened. My delicious goats got out of the yard, so naturally I had to chase them back in, through some unidentifiable plants... Not even a day back from camp, and I get PI... tis a cruel, cruel world.

pi - illness

This is similar to what I have no imagine it all over the chest
lightpipic - illness

Hate life right now, but it'll get better. can't sleep so the internet shall entertain me.

Peace. God bless ye

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    HA! that's nothin, my mom and brother are allergic to PI. i, however, am somewhat immune to it. regardless of walking and running(and rolling my ATV) through the field and known patches of PI, i still haven't gotten it in years. but back to the point, my mom was hospitalized for 3-4 days a few years back because i brought it in on my clothes. moral of the story: i'm a dick.

    Yah I've had a couple friends go to the emergency room because of PI, I envy those who aren't affected by it
    - prophethorris July 7, 2012, 11:38 am
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    This just supports my theory of that all goats are dickish and creepy and should be eaten.

    - prophethorris July 7, 2012, 6:07 pm
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    i just got rid of my poison ivy. they gave me a shot in my ass.

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    My pi naturally leaves in about 2-3 days

    I react horribly to to PI.
    - prophethorris July 8, 2012, 9:09 am
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    dude idk if i have the same thing but i actually got poison ivy last year after having it for like a week i eventually got a second reaction to the reaction of having poison ivy. both hands and only my hands had a reaction to the having poison ivy. it didn't get crazy but it did get bad for a while. finally got a steroid cream to make it go away it was awful. that was not enjoyable lol the hand is one of the worst places to get a rash

    i got it on my hands, groin, arms, chest, eye, inner thighs, ear, and neck.
    - prophethorris July 8, 2012, 9:08 am
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