I killed Cleverbot...twice

User: *slaps with a stick*.

Cleverbot: *Slaps with a truck*.

User: *slaps with a bus*.

Cleverbot: *slaps with european bus*.

User: *slaps with the eiffel tower*.

Cleverbot: *slaps with 2 universes*.

User: *chuck norris slaps you*.

Cleverbot: *dies*.

User: The Game. You have lost it.

Cleverbot: What have I lost?

User: The Game.

Cleverbot: What game?

User: *slaps with the internet*.

Cleverbot: *slaps with slapping*.

User: *slaps with /b/*.

Cleverbot: *slaps with Zeus*.

User: *Bruce Lee Slaps you*.

Cleverbot: *dodges bruce lee*.

User: *Chuck Norris Strikes again*.

Cleverbot: *dies*.

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    nice...Very nice +3

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    Thank you for avenging my double death. :p

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