I feel like im back

Hey everyone,
I have been gone for a long time. I don't think I even said goodbye, but i just stopped coming to sharenator for some reason or another. Now, I have started visiting, maybe even posting a few comments. plenty of +3's everywhere and whatnot.

I don't plan on posting many funny pictures or such, but I have been playing with a 3D design program, and I'll be posting pics of things i have made.

What I'm hoping everyone here will do is to criticize my work and give suggestions.

One of a few things i have made. I did not create the textures, however, everthing else was done by me(creating, lighting, putting textures on).

The first thing i need right now however, is a suggestion!
(i suggest zooming in for a better look)
boat - i feel like im back

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    You plus 3 but leave no comment! Raaaage

    will someone please comment... i do need ideas/criticism.
    - arrowdodger7 July 14, 2012, 7:45 pm
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    Not bad what program did you use?

    Its called blender. www.blender.org
    open source program, and while its hard to get into, it is really powerful.
    - arrowdodger7 July 14, 2012, 11:34 pm
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    I think that perhaps to make the boat a little more realistic looking, adding a boom to the mast and sail. Perhaps some rope and stays as well.

    can do, although now i need to learn how to make realistic looking ropes! and i do have a boom, its just not visible in the picture.(probably in the wrong place but meh)

    Thanks =)
    - arrowdodger7 July 15, 2012, 11:52 am
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    I'm somewhat of an old-timer here, but I don't remember you....
    old forgetful man meme generator when i was at your age who the fuck are you 9cbd3a

    • Ertrov
    • July 15, 2012, 6:35 am
    thats because we never had a conversation. never too late though!
    - arrowdodger7 July 15, 2012, 11:53 am
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    It's pretty good. Try to use a large texture, or use different/change direction of the texture on certain parts of the boat to make it look more realistic. Apart from that, the water is pretty good :)

    ill try, but it will be slightly harder than im thinking...

    thanks though =)
    - arrowdodger7 July 15, 2012, 11:52 am
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    This is really awesome pic you have made. Hope to see more :P

    • Linas
    • July 15, 2012, 1:12 pm
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    You're in luck, I used to play with 3D design programs myself. However I used 3DS Max for everything. But I do have a portable version of Blender from portableapps.com and run it off of my flash drive. Any way, let's get started good sir.
    1) The water texture is great, especially with the shining reflection coming from it.
    2) Your shadows are very good too, it really shows in the water reflection.
    3) As stated previously, your wood texture for the boat is a bit iffy. I too recommend playing with different directions of texture, or a larger texture. Or actually a different texture in general, it's a great style, but I want to see more of a real wood feel. It looks kind of like cheap pergo.
    4. The rotor handle majigger looks untextured, and if it is meant to be a metal texture, I would go with something that looks a bit more old/rusty. Not to mention it's very blocky.
    5. The chest has poor texture in general. I think you should add more detail to it and that might help. Such as it being a rotted wood chest with metal crowning around it and maybe a carrying handle?
    6. I'd also like to mention that you did a fairly good job with the background scenery being blurred out. The clouds are good but I think the land is just a bit too unreal. Make it have more of a mountain like feeling or mountains coming up?

    1. thanks i had some help with that but i did learn a lot doing it.
    2. thanks again
    3. ill try something but im not so sure how to go about this.
    4. as of now it is untextured. kinda forgot about it
    5. i just wanted some kind of texture for it first, just to see how it would look and also to mess around with some of the other features.
    6. The land isnt even supposed to be there...i dont know why, but it is showing up. and the blurring-thanks =)

    thanks for all the comments =)
    - arrowdodger7 July 16, 2012, 7:33 pm
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    welcome back, now we can post forever and ever and ever

    • 720Z
    • July 17, 2012, 1:35 am
    That seems like a long time...maybe later.
    - arrowdodger7 July 19, 2012, 9:07 am
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