I Had the best Teachers in School


I don’t remember this very well.

Mrs. Wagner. The only teacher I know of that would sit down with fourth grader 2 hours after school to make sure he knows how to write the most amazing essay ever.

Middle School:

8th Grade, Mrs. Hopper. A.K.A the “Meanest Teacher in the School”. Come to find out, her title was, infact, meant to be ironic. Nicest teacher EVER. If we didn’t feel like working as a collective, she would put on a movie relevant to the topic and say “If your gonna be lazy, so am I.”

High School:

These are both inspirational and funny:

9th Grade, Dr. Gaught. I’ll go into more detail in 12th grade for him.

10th Grade, Mr. Oettle. One of the nerdiest looking teachers I ever had, but one of the best. His policy for waking up sleeping students was to grab a 9-wood club, and SLAM it on their desk right next to their head. They were awake in .2 seconds flat.
But the funniest part about his class was the war of annoyance he and I waged against each other. Ex. He was counting money for the concession stand from the soccer game. I started to call out random numbers, then he stopped counting, picked the money back up and started again. I did this three times in a row until he looked up and said “…stop…”. On his part, he would purposely “forget” to hand me papers, or delay until the end of the pile. He would also let me answer a question for the class, then while in mid sentence, he would call on another student, who would look confuse because they knew I was answering correctly.

Coach Ellis… BIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTCH! She rode my ass like a gay man. But she was hilarious. One day we were supposed to play Basketball (as it was part of the Team Sports course) and instead, she yells out my name and hands me the keys to the equiptment room. SHe said “go in there and grab the bag full of small, multicolored balls”. So I did. She spoke to the class saying “Alright, who wants to play Basketball?!” everyone shouts ‘me!’. “well, too bad! Dodgeball!” and started throwing balls at kids. Then she organized two teams of like 15, and we whipped balls at each other all period long.

11th Grade, Coach Jones. The only man who I have never seen laugh and only smiled in class twice. Otherwise, he always had a near blank expression on. Best part is, he told jokes ALL THE TIME!. He was great because of that, and he would plan fun activities to remember American History. We had a sit-down strike to “improve classroom working conditions”. we ended up nagotiating to have a nap break at the end of class AND the allowance of a pet Betta fish for the class.

Mrs. Iannuzi, the spunky 75 year-old spitfire Sports director and Life Management teacher. She didn’t take shit from anyone, and she though I was the best behaved student Ever. It was funny to watch the “popular kids” try to mouth off to her, the nwatch them get reemed a new one by a 75 year old lady and get suspended.

12th Grade, Dr. Gaught. I had him for 4 YEARS IN A ROW! Best “intructor” ever. He hated being called a teacher, because he didn’t teach us, he showed us how to start, then let books teach us. He would help if needed. He was hilarious. One time, this kid who constantly messed with him got a good scareing. Dr. Gaught said that he “had electric emitters installed in the keyboards” so he could shock insubordinate students while they were typing. The kid didnt believe him. So he pushed a key on his keyboard dramatically, and a kid two seats over from me jumped out of his chair and yelled “gaaaow!” (looked like he wasn’t paying attention the entire time). Mind you, this was on April 1st and the kid who messed with him didn’t know this. He was well behaved for the rest of class and avoided contact with the keyboard as much as he could (it was a computer animation class).

Mrs. Miraglia, best science teacher ever. It’s hard to discribe her class it was so awesome. She dumped liquid nitrogen on the floor to show it’s cleaning proporties, blew out a ceiling tile once, lit an entire coil of manganese on fire (BLINDING LIGHT!!!), made a mini jet bottle on accident, and told jokes. Best line ever from her was “Jonas (I’m not Jonas), your grade needs improving. You have a rock-solid ‘D’!”. We never let it go. Funniest thing she ever said was while walking back from research at a university, an arabic looking man passed us and she said “And he’s probably got a bomb in that back pack, right?”. I said “Mirags, you can’t say that, your a teacher!” She followed shortly with “Well, if I learned anything from you guys this year, it’s arabs have bombs on them, hispanics can run really fast, and blacks like chicken and watermelon.” I litterally face-palmed.

And there you have it. My most memorable teachers ever. Feel free to post your favorite or most memorable teacher in the comments.