IM BACK!!!!!!!!

552552 349898991753735 2109497110 n - im back!!!!!!!!

Africa Admin keeps asking for posts of comments from funnyjunk 48cf7b 4465957

charmin step up their game 6386ef 4461803

Das Raciss Das Funny 91cb21 4468947

Diesel engines ef50b2 4472877

Dog is my copilot 92ddc0 4470684

ea vs steam 4b99c4 4471763 - im back!!!!!!!!

Fuck Sleep a35885 4464069

good titles are hard to make well now what where b4f2df 4463151

GTA IRL I d say i would love to try it 4f10b2 4471192

HALO in a nutshell what happens when the screen is d6a11c 4465073

How is your day 9b09da 4466835

Idea As seen on Joyreactor 367eea 4467225

It doesn t have to make sense Because fuck you is 0e44ba 4473071

Jealous kid 136899 4469597

Kardashian Birth Control 88bcd2 4469656

Links sex life c0f957 4470092

love plungers bringing

ninja turtle artists

Rick you little rascal OC brah 80228e 4461558

skeletons its oc 3dd579 4471784 - im back!!!!!!!!

take that and that 289bd9 4471984 - im back!!!!!!!!

That s his real name ee89fe 4463282

this one fits just right ew cae01b 4464329

Too much thinking now small Have a wonderful night or morning e78e6d 4466044

Ultimate Response I am human trash a788dc 4467404

Well I m glad I m relying on you 6a61bc 4467786

Words of Advice de3263 4470555

You all thought it 253cf8 4465732

  • Kemo79
  • March 11, 2013, 4:05 pm
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    #29 I've discussed this as a possibility in great lengths with friends before.
    #30 I seriously watched this over and over just to see the different reactions to the people. My favorite, the lady with the black umbrella.

    I have to agree with your choice of favorite. I think its the fact like you can see when she made the decision to use the umbrella as protection that it was so robotic in movement.
    - Kemo79 March 13, 2013, 3:38 pm
    Also the fact that the guy is like backing up and then its like nope i didn't back up enough...Better hide
    - Kemo79 March 13, 2013, 3:39 pm
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    Welcome back, great re-start up post! +3

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    22 i died lmao! great return post!

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    #8 I thought at first that it was just a messed up looking lemur

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    #11 -- Cause team colors are just 343 Industries' opinion.

    • DJ9090
    • March 14, 2013, 9:30 am
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