How to fix any computer

header - how to fix any computer

windows - how to fix any computer

apple - how to fix any computer

linux - how to fix any computer

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    This post should be called "How to Quietly Weep"

    "How to quietly weep after trying to fix your computer on multiple occasions"
    - PwnzElite April 18, 2011, 5:05 pm
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    I thought it was to delete system 32. o.o

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    Love the oatmeal.

    To be honest, there are better things to do for these...

    Windows can be complicated though. I spent my entire time using windows (4 years of my childhood) fixing problems.

    I never found linux that bad, and I used that for 1 year...

    Then i got a Mac and love it. Like i have said before, there are problems, but most are quickly fixable. EG:

    Google Chrome wont start up, or has a problem...
    >Force Quit (cmd+alt+q or alt+right click on dock)
    If it still persists:
    >go to UserName>Library>Application Support>Google
    >Delete folder "Chrome"

    Relaunch Chrome. Works fine.

    Still got a problem? Take it to an apple store. The appointment to speak with someone IS free, and they are genuinely helpful, not like the dumbasses at PC World* "TechGuys" who don't know what a RootKit** is.

    *PC World is not PCWorld magazine. It is a computer shop in the UK, and they are useless at anything except selling computers. Their support is bullcrap, and so is the warranty. 4+ times my friend has had a problem with a laptop, and they just returned it with a new hard drive, and none of his files, rather than actually fixing the problem.

    **Same person as above, got a RootKit virus. He took it there under the warranty, and according to one of "The TechGuys" there was no such thing as a RootKit. Meanwhile, on a lonely shelf, lies Norton Internet Security 2010, Kaspersky Internet Security etc etc all sit there with bullet points on them featuring "Anti-RootKit Technology"

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    lol whats with the linux instructions where it says "grow a beard"

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    I know how to fix computers anyway. I don't need Mac. I use a Windows system. I like Linux, but it is a bit... awkward. But still, funny post.

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    Linux! Unless you run that OS, you dont know how true it really is =P

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