How to bypass Youtube's age restriction without logging in

No Google account? Too lazy to log in? No problem!
bypass youtube no account

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    orrrrr make an acount where you're over 18 BAM same effect

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    I'll test this later, but if it does work, FUCK YEAH!

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    Fuck i put a link to the video of a shootout i was trying to watch and the "=" didn't come out in the link so it didn't let me watch it

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    this used to work if you were logged in but under age (eg, im 15 years old), but now it checks the account and tells you "you are not old enough to watch this video" so you have to sign out and use this.

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    Yes this works, I just did it with a video that was blocked for no reason. Make sure you right click the video link after you search it and hit 'copy address URL'.

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    You can bypass both age restrictions or region restrictions by using

    All you have to do is change[------].com/watch?v=QZ9rgR5PpRM

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    The only three bypass scripts that I've found to work right now (2013.04.05): - firefox, chrome - firefox, chrome - firefox

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    Similar solution to bypass YouTube age restriction is provided at

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    Just put nsfw in front of youtube so it becomes nsfwyotube when you encounter protected link. Very easy.



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