How to break Westboro members in 5 minutes...

Stupid video is stupid. It's not spam, promise. Although if you do believe I'm a rich Nigerian Prince, then I accept kind donations.

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  • SuDoku
  • July 16, 2013, 11:07 am
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    39761175 - how to break westboro members in 5 minutes...

    I've always found it interesting how much their terribly negative stance they've taken against homosexuals actually has brought a lot of awareness to heterosexuals. They are working against themselves to make people realize they need to help support civil rights. Maybe they've planned this all along? Or maybe they are just crazy inbred biggots... the world will never know...

    I've actually thought this for a long time.
    - casper667 July 16, 2013, 4:15 pm
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    I love how he says a bunch of their "hot " members left and the lady calls him a fag... not gonna lie. they are freakin hot. and the fact that they left that crazy sh*t makes it better.

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    I want them to come where I live, I would have so much fun with that just by doing weird shit. Like eating vanilla pudding out of a mayo jar while staring at one of them, spraying the bottom on their pants with doe urine or skunk smell, forming a perimeter around them with eggs or sticks of butter, and do all of it dressed as the pope.

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