How to beat a stupid youtube justin bieber fan

I was on a youtube video that had NOTHING to do with Justin Bieber, and this random girl posted a comment saying "Thumbs up if you can find the word sexy @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@justin BIEBER@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@" And I replied, "No, but I can see the word Lesbian."
A day later I got this message in my inbox, "i guess your blind than.."

I replied to her with this "I think you'll find that I'm not blind. The reason you like justin bieber is because you're so narcissistic and when you see justin he reminds you of yourself. The only reason you like him/her is because you believe that it's essentially you there."

And got this back "haha, wow why so serious? take a joke, and why the heck would i like him to think that im HIM? huh??, i love him cause hes fantastic and beautiful"

To which I replied "You, madam, are infact a complete and utter idiot."

Then she said to me "and ur a 5 year old little boy. trololololol"

Finally I said "One thing, saying "trololol" because you're wrong doesn't make you a troll, it makes me right. And the fact that you're calling me a 5 year old is idiotic, I'm clearly not 5 so wise up you beleaguered manatee." That seemed to shut her up for good ^_^

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    "beleaguered manatee." Fucking Roflcopter XD

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