How to REALLY play Rock,Paper,Scissors

Okay here's the everyone does it now..

12012008 rock paper scissors

And here's the REAL way you play...

rock - how to really play rock,paper,scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

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    there should be child and pedo bear....

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    Holy shit, this looks complicated!

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    i played this roch owns excpt for againt human

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    Rock paper siccors, EXTREME!!!!

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    god should be in the center pointing at everything jk. i dont want to play this its to complex but looks fun +3

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    this is how me and my friends play, but we have about 15 or 16 more in the mix lol

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    WOW, I really just attempted at playing it and I failed horribly!! XD That was awesome though, thanks!

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    I tried rps-15 and spammed dragon and got 23-9 as my score

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    extreme win

    • peace
    • January 6, 2011, 7:21 pm
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    pedobear should be in there

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