How To: Get Rid Of Facebook's Trending Articles.

Trending Articles



Well it appears that Facebook is currently testing out a brand new feature called "trending articles" (its already get on my nervous) It automatically adds articles that your friends and friends have viewed onto your Newsfeed without your permission, currently there is no method of fully turning it off, another problem with it is that you aren't currently able to just click on these and go to the story, instead you are piped through some social reader app that you have to give permissions to before you can continue.
I don't particularly want to activate such apps and wanted to find a way to remove their spam from my feed and i'm sure you don't want it to either. Facebook has been making blocking applications more and more difficult lately, but there is a nice way to get rid of these pesky apps once and for all!


Step 1) Go to Privacy Settings in the top right
Step One Privacy Settings

Step 2) Next scroll down to "Blocked People and Apps"
Step Two Blocking

Step 3) Click "Manage Blocking"
Step Three Manage Blocking

Step 4) Finally, under Block apps, start typing in the names of the offending apps and add them to your block list immediately.
Step Four Blocking Apps


Extra Information

Right in this part is were we as a community collect the names of the offending apps, so here is the list of them so far (Each time i update it be sure to update your block list:
- "Yahoo!"
- "Washington Post Social Reader"
- "Socialcam"
- "Spotify"
- "The Independent"

One last thing, be sure to 'like' this post so that it can spread across facebook :D cheers :D

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    I absolutely REFUSE to view ANY of your posts on expand all.

    • Disco
    • July 12, 2012, 3:48 pm
    Well, I hope you enjoy very messy looking posts :)
    - GangsterMonkey July 12, 2012, 5:01 pm
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    I don't mind these. Most of my friends read interesting articles.

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