How I feel about dating sites. :/

I'm sure I'm not the only one, but still. :(

How I feel on POF

Anyone want to share their experiences? Maybe offer me some advice?
I don t know what I expected

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    I've had shit-luck with online dating... I guess my advice is find a girl in the real world. Also try listening to this song, it sure helped me...

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    Never tried dating sites, they seem like a place for desperates. You'll probably have better luck meeting a good girl in a video game or some kind of online community (plus then you most likely already have at least a few things in common), but I'd recommend building a friendship with them before even bringing up dating. It's a bit difficult sometimes to get out of the friendzone once you've put yourself in it, but I find it easy enough to do online and I wouldn't say I'm extremely gifted with the ladiez. And if you fail there is lots of other girls on the internets anyways. Finding a girl in real life isn't too hard either though, maybe your standards are too high if you're having problems finding one.

    I only made the account last weekend because one of my friends encouraged me to after a few glasses of scotch. She'd met some decent guys through said site, so I went along with it out of morbid curiosity. Maybe you don't have much trouble meeting new girls in real life, but I do (I don't work with any, I don't live on campus, can't afford to move out and into the city, the only female friends I have are taken etc.) They're more designed for people who lack opportunities, which is a lot of them. Are there some desperate people? Sure, but I don't have to talk to them. It's a way to meet people I normally wouldn't, I don't expect true love or anything. XD

    Trust me, video games are no better for meeting women. Most of them don't bother playing with their mic on xbl and most of them don't live anywhere near me. At least websites for dating will let me filter based on distance among other things.
    - CrazyJay June 7, 2013, 9:56 am
    You go to a school with no women? You don't see any women at the grocery store? None of your neighbors are women? I don't buy the whole "no opportunity" thing. You just need a way to break the ice and then you can say pretty much anything and if they're single you'll get at least 1 date out of it.
    - casper667 June 8, 2013, 4:20 am
    That's just it, I have no excuse to approach most of them. People in grocery stores aren't there to meet men, they're there to buy food. I don't want to annoy anyone. Agian, I have plenty of female neighbors, they're just no where near my age or single.

    I don't care if you buy it or not. If you've had more luck than I, good for you. But I have HORRIBLE luck. This site is the best shot I have at an "ice breaker" at least for the time being. If I meet some nice, ladies in real life, cool. But for now, I'll see where this goes.
    - CrazyJay June 8, 2013, 9:29 am
    You don't need an excuse to approach them... No wonder you've had "horrible luck".
    - casper667 June 13, 2013, 11:59 pm
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    Eh I'm sure it could work but there are other ways dude. I saw you said you don't really have any opportunities to meet women, well my suggestion is to make those opportunities happen. So what you don't live on campus, so what you don't work with any, take up a yoga class or some shit. That would be full of women. Join some extra curricular activities, gives you and excuse to spend more time on campus and meet more people.

    I feel like dating sites would be full of weirdos, catfish style, and I know a lot of them charge a fuckload and rip you off. I don't think you need it dude.

    See, I can't do that because I work too much so I can afford to go to school. *sigh*

    Luckily, I picked a free site. So I didn't expect a whole lot.

    Maybe I'll start posting some of the creepier messages I get here for a few laughs. XD
    - CrazyJay June 7, 2013, 9:12 pm
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    I had a few decent interactions with dating websites, but you really gotta lower your standards on chicks. Even if you look like brad pit the "hot" chicks on those sites are either fake or self absorbed.

    I did happen to find a lot of very mediocre looking women, who turned out to be great dates but I was too much of an jerk to have actually been nice to them. It doesn't help that i had 4 dates in 4 nights with 4 different women and a 5th date with 2 of the women at the same bar at the same time.

    so yea... um.. none of them lead anywhere... but i would be lying if i said i didn't have fun fooling around and playing the field.

    Note: currently engaged. NOT from any websites help.

    my suggestion: "do it for the lols" and have some fun with anything you do. you don't look for a soul mate. you stumble across them while having fun.

    Honestly, I'm not that fussy about looks as long as they're decent, smart and likable...but I suppose those types of girls don't have much trouble finding dates, hence don't need to use dating sites. :/

    I had no expectations going in, so I guess I can't be disappointed.
    - CrazyJay June 13, 2013, 6:44 pm
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