Holy good fucking lord!

Ok so Ik that I’ve only been a sharenator mod for about a month but this is fucking ridiculous!

screen shot

you see this ^
YOU FUCKING SEE THIS! THIS RIGHT FUCKING HERE IS EXACTLY HOW MANY POSTS I’VE HAD TO DEAL WITH IN ONE FRIGGEN MONTH! (ok seriously a minute before after I took this screen shot 25 more reports came in)
ok now I think we may have all noticed that there has been a HUGE increase in the number of spammers and stuff. Now I have to say that a ton of people have reported these post but MalverdeAl100 has to have reported about 50-60% of these. so with that Im giving a percent of all reports to come in just now to the respective members. Also I would like to officially recommend MalverdeAl100 as a sharenator moderator.

now because I feel like it

barrel roll