Hey all! (Oh god here he goes again...)

Soooooo, I've decided to bring back Lil rocket dude (Bring me back, Dude i've been here twice! I had to be the opne that dragged YOUR ass back here.)
Thats not tru(DON'T YOU LIE TO THEM!)
Yea but (NO! No butts! hehehe butts... NO! you said i was goinig to come back for another post LITERALLY a year ago! WHAT THE HELL!)
Alright alright! I'm sorry that it's taken so long ok? (Nope)
Bu- (Nope)
I- (No)
Ho- (No, You apologize to them and say it won't happen again! We needed OC on this site for months and you haven't been helping, thereby I haven't been able to help!)
... ok ok you're right, I'm sorry everyone. (Annnnnd?)
and i'll start posting more... (ANnnnnnnnd?)
And lil rocket dude will be coming back a bit more (Huh, so you say!)
Well you're back now right? (uhhhh, ok but This isn't even a good convo!)
Yea well if you'd stop guiling me i could get to the real points. (fine! but you're on thin ice bub)
Bub? Who the hell says bub? (Obviously i do dipshit!*Throws bottle*)
<Crack> OW, YOU LITTLE SHIT! (HEHEHE Catch our next post! Promise it'll be way more fun than this one! mainly at Poopywings expense! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)
I'm gonna kill you! (Gotta fly!) Get back here! (ehehehehe!)

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    I am not getting i..

    • Darius
    • October 21, 2013, 3:09 pm
    It's a thing i started doing a few months back to create some OC, it went over fairly well last time and i was hoping to bring it back. it's basically me ranting with a character i named "Lil Rocket dude" who interrupts me with jokes and stuff. it was just my way of announcing i was going to try doing it again lol, obviously it didn't go over too well.
    - 24paperwings October 21, 2013, 9:52 pm
    It has been quite lonely here without you :3
    - casper667 October 22, 2013, 4:00 am
    That is nice, we need to bring creative stuff back. Maybe some improvements to the site ? Any ideas. I want to mark differently the authors responses on his posts.

    And maybe e-mailing notifications when someone replies to your comments? Hard to follow right now.
    - Darius October 22, 2013, 5:36 am
    I like the author one but honestly don't use email enough where i would find the reply thing useful. maybe other people would enjoy it though :)
    In either case i got a bunch of new drawings to put up and would love to make some new OC. I'm planning on buying a camera soon so hopefully i can start putting up pics and stuff soon. I have an idea for a web series that i would def love to share here as well!
    - 24paperwings October 22, 2013, 9:57 am
    I think the author thing could be useful... perhaps make their background a different color? Also it might be helpful to give the author more control over the comments, such as "stickying" some to the top (could help out in debate or misc threads).

    I will make a post later with ideas :D
    - casper667 October 22, 2013, 3:26 pm
    Author thing is on :)))
    - Darius October 23, 2013, 11:22 am
    - casper667 October 23, 2013, 10:35 pm
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    I did something similar on another forum site *cough* gaia * cough* and it wend over pretty well, I had regular readers and I would post every few days. had like 30 regulars and 100 new views a week

    Here is a sample...

    I'VE DECIDED!!!!!! -to add another journal entry- Yay me ^_^

    As you can see... IM BACK!!! and to all those diehard readers of my journal out there.... im sorry!!! im sorry sorry sorry... i know im a bad blogger... but that dosent make me a bad person right?...right?!... well anywhoos... im back! *you've already said that* oh i did? *yea*... oh right i did...

    Oh, and other then being back iv decided to give you a little insight to ewhat i think as i type *idiot* with little inserts from my voice... the one in my head... yes i have a voice in my head.. say hi voice.. *no* but you need to meet new people... * i dont like new people* well they might like you ... *your argureing with yourself again* oh right... well... anyways *annywhoos...* what?.. *annywhoos...* annywhos what? *nvm your an idiot* right.. back to rambleing... *you never stoped rammbleing* oh right... to continue rambbleing...*you always spell that wrong* i know... shut up... *ok*

    News on my end of the world *florida* yes... florida... but not what i meant... *but you said* i know what i said... anyways... work sucks * you got that right* and i started to work on a a book *online book* right... an online book *which isnt very good* shut up... its called forgotten and lost *more like short and retarded* very funny... * i thought so...* havent had much time to write a journal... *no shit* so im back! *thats three... you gonna beat that like a dead horse?* DO WHAT TO A DEAD HORSE? *nvm* i need some inspiration...*more like a brain* and i need your guys help *if theres any of them left*... your pleasant *im, you*no your half of me...* no your half me, im all you*... wait your confuseing me again ...*and your argueing with yourself again*

    well anyways *annywhoos* stop that!!! *ok* ...give me some ideas/ subjects to talk about and i'll...*we'll* hack them to bits like i used to... * i never used to...* well thats cause i never thought of you before... *so i was thre in spirit?* no you weren't there at all....* so i was a thought?* no now your a thought then i haddent thought about you... * so i was a nothing?* right your a nothing.... * no i said i WAS a nothing, not i am now...* but your both... your only a thought now so your still nothing... * no, your nothing* excuse me? * your worthless* now your just being retarded... *im you..* your right! *im always right*... then why am i not always right? *cause your whipped* good point.

    later people!!! *bye... even though i never said hi...*

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