Help me get gamecube games on Android phone!!

So i have tried every video on youtube completely worthless if you ask me and not a single one has worked so far. I'm trying to get Final fantasy crystal chronicles to play on my Nexus 4. I have gotten Super Smash Bros to work on it but that's after downloading 20+ versions of the game I don't quite understand why it works for some and not for others iv'e tried to use winrar, Deamon tools, and a couple other programs but for some reason i cant get an iso file out of the ones i download and every single one is a different size which makes no sense what so ever
if anybody can let me know what i'm doing wrong or give me any guidance it would be very much appreciated.

Here is what the files are looking like right now
2 - help me get gamecube games on android phone!!

3 - help me get gamecube games on android phone!!

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