Help Me: Find the Shoes

So, my girlfriend has had an old pair of Vans shoes that are dying on her, and has expressed multiple times her wish to get new ones. Problem? They haven't been in production for ages, and are apparently rare enough that my internet browsing can't actually find anywhere selling them. These are the shoes:
penguinvans - help me:  find the shoes

I have found multiple sites with "Buy Now" links, but clicking on them either gives me an error or directs me to the site's homepage... I can't find anywhere to buy them! These are technically unisex shoes, and she would be around a size 8 Womens/ a size 6.5 Mens. Although I'm sure she would be willing to squeeze into some that were a bit off.

(If you need incentive, I'll actually make a content-heavy post and give you all the credit if you find the shoes.)

I have seen posts on other forums trying to find these shoes be unsuccessful, let's prove that Sharenator beats the crap out of all of them.

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