Hello, Internet.

I am a very nerdy poet, so beware if you read my posts. I frequently quote memes, pokemon facts, and many, many videogame references. I hope you enjoy my poems.

Did I mention I'm a girl? Yes, I am real and No, I am not just a clever troll. I am just the rare 1% of the Internet that consists of girls like me.

And before we go, let me clear something up for you guys: Yes, my real name IS Melancholia, yes, it is an odd name, but that is just what my mumsy wanted to name me, and I will not answer anyone who does not believe the blatant truth.


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    Welcome Melancholia :) Take this .gif as your welcome gift. You'll have to forgive me as i am currently very deficient in reaction pics so this will have to do.

    If you look closely, you can see the train is fake.

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