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I know im probbably nagging for features now, but could we please have html support too? i know you have bbcode so if possible it had a special tag such as:
[html]<a href=">lol pictures</a>[/html] (thats a bad example because you can use [url] for that but for example, for special embed codes like forum signatures or videos that arent on the supported list, but are embedable. Do you think its a good idea?
Oh and i have already tried, html code doesnt work.

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    It was stated before that signatures would simply make Sharenator become sloppy and it would take longer for the pages to load. HTML is simply too complicated anyways. There are TONS of parameters that you have to follow and you have no way of telling where any errors are unless you know exactly what you're doing. It's not a bad idea, but the novelty of it would wear off after a few days if not a week. Eventually it will become one of the features that is there but is unrecognized.

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    i mean html support for embedding certain things, not necisarlily signatures

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