well I was too lazy(it is an almost forgotten tradition kinda a 90's kids thing)

this is saint nicholas:

this his companion servant ruptert:

and this is what you watch in december lol:

translated lyrics:
christmasman(santa claus)
tell me why are you that smart,
how do you know every wish from every child?

that I want a bycicle
yellow stripes would be nice
and spokes, that are like silver

no way in your sleigh is to far for you

whether close or far away,
you like to give presents to every child,
in christmas time

when it snows

and everything is white for miles around

santa claus,
I wrote a long letter for you,
that every child loves you,
hopefully me too

I know soon its time
in christmas eve, pretty cold
childs laughter will be loud

santa claus we are loving youuu. (not the best translator and I am tired, didn't use google translator)

  • Vans
  • December 5, 2011, 8:28 pm
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