Guy gets properly angry over a video game XDDDDD

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    Talk about a buttmassively buttdestroyed & buttmongled faggot lying in a pool of his own butt tears as he buttcries butthurt from his butt.

    Lol, love KSI, can't believe i hadn't heard of him until a couple of months ago when i first saw you post a video of his. So uh thanks for that, +3

    Related story: My cousin and I were playing Faceoff on MW3 about 3 weeks ago. Going against 2 clanfags in Kill Confirmed. Beat them at the end by like 3 dogtags. Then i hear one of them call us "camping faggots" because in the final killcam it shows me behind cover raping them with my bullets. Respond with a strongly worded message. Get called a "fag" again for using Assassin. I'm a "faggot" for using a perk to my advantage? Okay then. He then proceeds to tell me that he'll take my cousin and i on by himself with his godly 1.45 K/D. Agree to it, tell him to add my account since we were on my cousins. Log in to mine and surprise, no friend request from him. So i send him one, he accepts, then i invite him to a private match and wait for like 10 mins. After waiting and waiting, i get an invite from him. Tell him i invited him first, to which he replies "don't trust you." Fucking pussy.

    Guy i went against

    king of faggots

    lol, nice story, sounds a lot like a guy i played once, but i had to go before a rematch :/
    and yw for introdicing him i guess? :P which video was it btw?
    - Fail4424 July 11, 2012, 12:48 pm
    - MalverdeAl100 July 11, 2012, 2:16 pm
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    I wish I was as awesome as him XD. I bet he already get games for free to review them and gets a bit of money for this.
    He is awesome
    I wonder if you just can add him on xbox live

    • Vans
    • July 11, 2012, 9:41 am
    you could try, but he gets thousands of messages he ignores them all the time, during live videos you always see loads of random stuff and invites sent to him :P
    and he does have a seperate channel just to play other games
    and i think he gets money for playing these other games, and i'm pretty sure he gets a lot of money for what he does, heard somewhere it's his job
    - Fail4424 July 11, 2012, 12:45 pm
    there are a lot of people that play video games and make funny comments and review them. If they get a lot of views, they get some money and games send to them to review them, because so many people take for granted what they say, and it is better than a review in some magazine because you dont see how they play it and if they are just raging over the game or are too stupid to play or anything like that.
    There are even people that are SOOOOOO unfunny I get really pissed that they get money.
    I wanted to see the darkness 2 uncut, because I was wondering what they actually took out of the game and saw a review. I rage quit because his jokes where so lame. He was throwing one of those parking charge thingy threw a person and he was like "didn't you pay for parking" and was laughing all the time and never stopped talking it was so annoying. I found out that they buy them equipment and stuff so the reviews are better and the HD graphics are more shown.
    So I was wondering if he gets money because he actually deserves it, even though I would love to have his job. Just like the people that play video games on TV and review them and get paid from MTV just to play games. They arent even pro gamers they are average and they dont know that much, pretty much as much as I know. But I dont think they would ever give me a job, because there are people that know so much more than me and whatever lol. It makes me sad, I am just going to university and studying IT so I may get a job like that XD
    - Vans July 11, 2012, 4:21 pm
    i think he gets his money because he deserves it, for the quality and quantity, he's been doing this for about 2-3 years, i heard about him a year ago and he was just as amazing back then
    and i also hate the people who are shit and try to do it and do really cheesy things in it
    - Fail4424 July 11, 2012, 8:28 pm
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